About BCT

Corporate Governance and Risk Management

BCT strongly believes that good corporate governance provides a sound foundation in running a responsible and sustainable organization, and in discharging our fiduciary duties for the protection of the interest of pension plan members and fund investors. BCT is committed to full compliance with relevant laws, regulations, guidelines and codes on all aspects of our business. It is our objective to prevent breaches of statutory and regulatory obligations as an approved trustee and a principal intermediary. BCT cultivates a positive compliance culture to ensure that our colleagues understand their role in meeting these statutory and regulatory obligations. It is this culture that BCT reinforces ethical business standards in conducting all business activities with honesty, integrity and fairness.

An effective risk management framework is essential to our success and is an integral part of BCT’s culture. While it is necessary to accept a level of risk in achieving business goals, sound risk management measures allow BCT to make the most of each business opportunity, and enables us to be resilient and responsive to the changing business environment. BCT is committed to continuously improving our risk management framework by (1) promoting a culture where risk management is recognized as a core part of daily operation; (2) enhancing systematic identification of risks for this to be an integral part of business planning and resource allocation process; (c) establishing systematic reporting of risks and efficient communication; and (d) coordinating improvement initiatives.