About BCT
                                                              15 Dec 2018
                                                              BCT teamed up with the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society for a Christmas party with the elderly on 15 December. Through interacting and sharing, BCT Caring Buddies tried to bring joy and warmth to the elderly and made them feel cared for, while the volunteer team also learned about the life of the elderly and the importance of caring each other. At the party, BCT Caring Buddies and the elderly spent a happy Christmas event together with fun games, lunch, and gifts.
                                                              11 Nov 2018
                                                              The Little Life Warrior Society held a fundraising walkathon “Walk for Love: Towards Life’s Rainbow” on 11 November to support child patients with cancer. BCT invited our colleagues, their families and friends to support the walkathon to promote and improve the welfare and services for cancer children. To encourage more participation, BCT also provided sponsorships to each participating colleague and his companions!
                                                              27 Oct 2018
                                                              “Stand-BY-U” is an annual social and recreational activity organised by Baptist Oi Kwan Social Services in their efforts to provide a diversified service for children of mentally-ill patients in reducing the negative impact brought about by their parents. The theme of this year’s project is “Green Field Parent-child Tour”. On 27 October, BCT’s Caring Buddies visited the greenfield garden with these children and their parents, and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon with fun games and barbeque.
                                                              13 Oct 2018
                                                              The mission of Ronald McDonald House is to provide a 'home away from home' - accommodation for families so they can stay close to their hospitalized children and reduce the financial costs during what can be extremely stressful times. This year, BCT Caring Buddies continue to visit Ronald McDonald House in Hong Kong. Through working on some arts & crafts and serving tea & snacks together, the team tried to energize these seriously ill children and their families with love and care.
                                                              31 Mar 2018
                                                              BCT understands very well the importance of green living and its vital role to the well-being of our environment. To live out green concepts and build greener communities, BCT has taken part in a number of coastal cleanup activities in the past. This year, BCT Caring Buddies continued their efforts by participating in a coastal cleanup at Ma Shi Chau of Tai Po on 31 March, collecting trash while enjoying the beautiful landscape, followed by a BBQ feast with their friends and families!
                                                              29 Dec 2017
                                                              In December, BCT teamed up with the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society for a day out with the elderly. BCT “Caring Buddies” and the elderly visited the Hong Kong Heritage Museum and Lam Chuen Wishing Trees to explore the unique history and culture of Hong Kong, and enjoyed a relaxing, fun-filled weekend together!
                                                              27 Oct 2017
                                                              BCT's “Caring Buddies” visited the Ronald McDonald House Hong Kong in October and it was the first time we co-organized the “Loving Stone Workshop” with non-profit charitable organization "LoveXpress". With the help of their parents and our volunteers, the children designed some beautiful stones for their parents to express their love and gratitude.
                                                              27 Jun 2017
                                                              To celebrate the 18th anniversary of BCT, a photo exhibition was held to feature some of the precious moments we had with the company in the past 18 years. During the event, BCT colleagues were offered free ice-cream to satisfy our summer cravings! It was a great opportunity for colleagues from different business operations to gather, through which we aim to enhance their sense of belonging and harmony for the new chapter of BCT’s journey.
                                                              10 Mar 2017
                                                              BCT’s “Caring Buddies” donned their gloves and headed to Ma Shi Chau on 11 March to take part in a coastal cleanup programme to protect our precious environment while appreciating the beautiful landscape of Hong Kong. After clearing some massive rubbish of Ma Shi Chau’s shoreline, the volunteers enjoyed a BBQ feast together!

                                                              Green living contributes significantly to the well-being of our environment. In 2018, we looking forward to further aiding our colleagues in becoming responsible corporate citizens with a series of Green-living themed activities.
                                                              07 Jan 2017
                                                              Little Life Warrior Society (LLWS) hosted its third fundraising walkathon “Walk for Love: Cherishing Little Life Warriors towards a Brighter Future” for child patients with cancer; bone marrow transplant or severe blood diseases. In January, BCT “Caring Buddies” joined the walkathon with their families and friends, to support the little life warriors.
                                                              16 Dec 2016
                                                              BCT celebrated this festive season with good food, games and a lucky draw. Colleagues had a blast and took photos with Christmas accessories and props.
                                                              26 Nov 2016
                                                              To promote a caring culture for elderly people in the community, BCT’s Caring Buddies teamed up with Hong Kong Family Welfare Society to visit the Hong Kong Wetland Park with the elderly. The group spent a pleasant afternoon admiring interesting plants and animals such as mangroves and mudskippers, and playing games.
                                                              05 Nov 2016
                                                              To promote social inclusion for disabled persons, the event brings together those with and without disabilities to stargaze and enjoy nature. Disabled persons use various aids to learn about astronomy and imagine their own starry skies. The event was held at Chong Hing Water Sports Centre in Sai Kung, where BCT’s Caring Buddies had the opportunity to view the stars and watch the sunrise with over 1,000 participants.
                                                              29 Jul 2016
                                                              In line with the CSR theme of "Work Smart, Play Hard", BCT organized a terrarium workshop for colleagues. Everyone had fun creating a mini garden, adding a bit of green into their lives.
                                                              03 Jun 2016
                                                              The Hong Kong Seeing Eye Dog Services ("HKSEDS") aims to promote and localize seeing eye dog services in Hong Kong through training local trainers and guide dogs. HKSEDS organized a visit at BCT to introduce their services, and colleagues were eager to support their charity photo session and fundraising souvenir sale.
                                                              01 Mar 2016
                                                              BCT participated in the “LOVE VEG at Workplace” Community Nutrition Promotion Program organized by the United Christian Nethersole Community Health Service. BCT hosted a series of health promotion activities, specifically in increasing vegetable consumption to prevent chronic diseases. The program aims to increase health awareness in the workplace, encourage change in employees’ dietary habits who could in turn influence their family and friends. Apart from organizing health talks, BCT arranged an interior planting sharing session, and also an easy veggie cooking demonstration by a registered nutritionist. Colleagues also took part in making Mexican tortillas.
                                                              31 Oct 2015
                                                              BCT’s colleagues accompanied trainees from the Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service (BOKSS) and their children to a refreshing trip to the Produce Green Foundation. The volunteers and children experienced the nature together and played group games. The highlight of the day was making bread and soy milk using fresh and organic ingredients.
                                                              01 Oct 2015
                                                              As a caring employer, encouraging a healthy lifestyle and diet is one of BCT's top priorities. October was Work-Life Balance Month at BCT, during which a series of activities such as health talks and fitness classes were organized. Colleagues especially enjoyed massage sessions and casual wear week.
                                                              09 Sep 2015
                                                              BCT’s Caring Buddies visited the children at Ronald McDonald House. Our volunteers and the kids had a fun-filled day with games, a clown show and some snacks to celebrate the warm spirit of Mid-Autumn Festival.
                                                              24 Jul 2015
                                                              BCT joined hands with Baptist Oi Kwan Social Service (BOKSS) to organize a career training program, which aims at providing training for young mental rehabilitants aged 15 to 30. As part of the program, BCT volunteers arranged an office tour, a career talk and mock interviews for the trainees, where they shared their work experiences and interview tips.
                                                              13 Jun 2015
                                                              Nearly 30 volunteers from BCT visited the SAGE Neighbourhood Elderly Centre in Tsuen Wan. BCT’s Caring Buddies played games, sang and arranged a magic show to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival. Everyone had a great time.
                                                              11 Jun 2015
                                                              To celebrate the 16th Anniversary of BCT, the Employee-friendly Task Force of the CSR Committee organized an “Old School Party” on 11 June, the Anniversary Day, to share the snack and 3-colors ice-cream with all colleagues. Some colleagues brought their vintage toys shared with others. Additionally, colleagues also enjoy causal wear during the week between 8 Jun and 19 Jun.
                                                              18 Oct 2014
                                                              The Scheme was organised by the Family Council. Both Bank Consortium Trust Company Limited and BCT Financial Limited were recognized with “Family-Friendly Employers 2013/14” in the Corporations Category. The event promoted inclusiveness by bringing physically abled and disabled people together. Physically disabled participants were able to “see” the beauty of the sky by using various tactile stargazing tools. It was co-organised in October by the volunteer teams from different corporations and organisations, including business entities and government departments. The Social Welfare Department was the assisting organisation. BCT was a sponsor; our volunteer team also participated in the event.
                                                              06 Sep 2014
                                                              In September, “BCT Caring Buddies”, our corporate volunteer team, helped entertain the children at the Ronald McDonald House with a much-loved clown show and tea party, celebrating the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival.
                                                              25 Jul 2014
                                                              To promote employee-friendly culture, "BCT open day" was held in July. We encouraged our colleagues to invite their family members for a company visit. Through the tour, their families knew more about BCT’s working environment. Apart from office tour, we have also arranged clown’s performance, kids body painting and food catering bringing joy and laughter to all.
                                                              11 Jun 2014
                                                              To celebrate the 15th Anniversary of BCT, the Employee-friendly Task Force of the CSR Committee organized a “Ice-cream Party” on 11 June, the Anniversary Day, to enjoy Gelato Italian ice-cream with all colleagues. Flavors of ice-cream included vanilla, chocolate, mango and green tea etc.  
                                                              13 Apr 2014
                                                              A group of BCT staff members joined the Produce Green Foundation's Activity for Nature, an agricultural event in Fanling. Participants experienced barefoot muddy trap, stooping plug rice seedlings, understanding and use of traditional rice farming methods and learn to make organic rice and organic sesame soup, continuing cultural heritage grains. The day ended with participants bringing home the knowledge of agricultural and photos capturing the beauty of nature.
                                                              20 Mar 2014
                                                              Health Life Talk was held in March 2014. With over 90 participants joined the event, a colleague of BCT shared how Meridian theory build healthy life effectively.