We Learn and Grow

                                                              Be Free to Grow

                                                              Be Free to Grow

                                                              In BCT, we believe that employees are part of the fundamental assets.

                                                              As the people development partner in BCT, we are dedicated to build a self-initiated learning culture so as to enhance our colleagues’ strength that help them excel with us.

                                                              BCT Corporate Academy

                                                              With this end-in-mind, the BCT Corporate Academy was established to serve as the map and compass which guide the “explorers” to navigate the journey according to our BCTians’ learning and development needs. Ranging from “Lead Self”, “Lead People”, “Lead Execution” to “Lead Strategy”, learners can always find their direction and plan for the path to advance themselves by levels.

                                                              The academy is also like a toolbox that equips them with essential tools and techniques to take challenges ahead or at next level.

                                                              BCT Learning Model