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                                                              BCT (MPF) Pro Choice Information Kit (Employer)

                                                              BCT (MPF) Pro Choice Information Kit (Employer):
                                                              ‧ MPF Scheme Brochure : BCT (MPF) Pro Choice
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                                                              Company Leaflet
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                                                              Product Summary
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                                                              Guide to MPF Contribution Channels
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                                                              Application Form - Employer ("Participation Agreement -
                                                              Employer" attached)
                                                              (Master Trust Scheme – BCT (MPF) Pro Choice) [AP(ER)]
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                                                              Member Enrolment Form
                                                              (Master Trust Scheme - BCT (MPF) Pro Choice) [AP(REE)–MT]
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                                                              New / Change of Direct Debit Authorization Form
                                                              (Employer / Self-employed Person) [DDA-NEW/IU(ER/SEP)]

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                                                              Remittance Statement (RS-M (REE)
                                                              [For BCT (MPF) Pro Choice only]
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