MPF ePlatform
                                                              Seamless & Innovative eJourney

                                                              BCT ePlatform enhances employer services and makes your daily administration easier. MACY, smart assistant is here to answer your enquiries anytime, anywhere. Click here to view the eJourney@BCT at a glance.


                                                              Register with BCT Daily Administration Daily Management
                                                              Register with BCT

                                                              Join BCT: Open BCT account

                                                              Obtain BCT account opening details via website, email or MACY, your 24x7 smart assistant
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                                                              Employee Registration: eEnrolment

                                                              Online enroll employees paperlessly
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                                                              Model Portfolio for Employees: BCT iPortfolio

                                                              Help employees make investment choice with reference to model portfolio after completing an online risk assessment
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                                                              Start Contributions for Employees: Contribution Computation Tool

                                                              Effortlessly calculate the first MPF contributions for your employees
                                                              Learn more: Regular employee | Casual employee

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                                                              HR Solution: Flexi2 / ePartner

                                                              Manage MPF contributions, payroll, taxation and leave records via a selected single platform

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                                                              Contribution Form Preparation: C-online / Excel MPF Calculator

                                                              Make contributions via C-online or prepare your completed remittance statements using MPF Calculator and upload directly to Employer Website
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                                                              Make Contributions: DDA / PPS

                                                              Use a variety of digital contribution payment methods
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                                                              Check Account Status: All-round Employer Website

                                                              Check contribution receipts, contribution details and employee status at a glance
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                                                              What's New: SMS, email

                                                              Subscribe with mobile number or email to receive the latest news and contribution reminder
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                                                              Termination of Employee: Online Submission

                                                              Upload employee termination notice to Employer Website or submit via C-online
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