Can I make additional contributions for savings or retirement purpose?

                                                              Yes. Currently BCT provides 3 voluntary contribution plans: "Standard Voluntary Contribution", "Special Voluntary Contribution" (SVC) and "Tax Deductible Voluntary Contribution" (TVC) for our members. For details, please contact our MPF Experts at 2298 9888 (Office hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm, except public holidays).

                                                               Standard Voluntary ContributionsSpecial Voluntary Contributions (SVC)Tax Deductible Voluntary Contributions (TVC)
                                                              Scheme Selection

                                                              Chosen by employer

                                                              Chosen by member

                                                              Payment Method

                                                              Via employer payroll

                                                              Directly contributed by member to MPF scheme

                                                              Payment Flexibility

                                                              According to the regular payroll schedule

                                                              Can make regular or one off payment

                                                              Tax Deductible


                                                              Counted as a deductible item (up to the annual limit as stipulated by the Government)
                                                              Withdrawal Conditions Upon termination of employment According to own needs Same condition as MPF Mandatory Contributions
                                                              Transfer of MPF Benefits Upon termination of employment Cannot be transferred May at any time choose to transfer in lump sum to another MPF Scheme that offer TVC
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