I am in the catering / construction industry, should I choose the BCT (MPF) Pro Choice or the BCT (MPF) Industry Choice?

                                                              BCT (MPF) Pro Choice (Master Trust Scheme) is a professionally-managed investment MPF scheme to meet the needs of companies and employees. It is available for participation by employers’ relevant employees, self-employed persons and those who transfer their accrued benefits.

                                                              In view of the high labour mobility of the construction and catering industries, and the fact that most of these employees are paid on a day-to-day basis, BCT established the BCT (MPF) Industry Choice for the convenience of employers and employees (casual employees) in these two industries. Casual employees under the Industry Scheme do not have to switch or transfer to other schemes when they change jobs within these two industries, as long as their previous and new employers have registered with the same Industry Scheme.

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