Can a self-employed person pay contributions in excess of mandatory contributions?

                                                              Yes. Self-employed persons can choose the standard voluntary contributions or special voluntary contributions.

                                                              BCT provides 2 voluntary contribution schemes: apply for the standard voluntary contribution in your contribution account or set up a new personal account to apply for "Easy Gold Plan" for special voluntary contribution. For details, please contact our dedicated team at 2298 9888.


                                                                Voluntary Contribution “Easy Gold Plan” Special Voluntary Contribution
                                                              Account Opening
                                                              • Via your employer under his chosen scheme
                                                              • Apply directly to BCT
                                                              Contribution Arrangements
                                                              • Fixed contribution amount based on your income
                                                              • Regular contribution via your employer
                                                              • Flexible contribution amount, as low as:
                                                                - HK$300 / month by autopay
                                                                - HK$500 in lump sum at anytime
                                                              Withdrawal / Transfer of MPF Benefits
                                                              • May withdraw / transfer benefits only after ceasing employment (subject to the terms of your scheme)
                                                              • No restriction on the number of withdrawals
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