What is the difference between the cessation of a self-employment status and the termination of a scheme?

                                                              The cessation of a self-employment status is only a change of employment status. The member may retain the self-employed person account. If the member becomes a self-employed person again in the future, he can fill out the Relevant Income Update / Resumption of Self-employment Form[RIU(SEP)] to resume his self-employment status and re-activate his self-employed person account.

                                                              The termination of a scheme refers to closing the self-employed person account, e.g. switching to another MPF trustee or ceasing to be a self-employed person and withdrawing the accrued benefits. If the member re-joins the scheme later as a self-employed person, he needs to fill out the Application Form for Self-employed Person and submit the relevant documents to set up the self-employed person account.

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