Retirement Planning


                                                              Retire on Your Own Terms – Let BCT help you plan a fulfilling retirement

                                                              Whether you are just starting to work or you are well into your career, now is a good time to discover if you are on the right track to retire comfortably. Use the following resources and find out what you need to live your dream retirement.

                                                              Take the first step to your retirement planning

                                                              Living for another 30 to 40 years after work is not impossible. Want to know whether you are on the right track and how should one start preparing?

                                                              What type of investor are you?

                                                              All investments involve risk and risk tolerance varies by individuals. Depending on your retirement goals, income, age and investment aggressiveness, you will fall into one of the following categories. Select the option that applies most to you:

                                                              Are you on the right path for retirement?

                                                              No matter your age, it's always a good idea to make sure you’re on track for retirement. Use our retirement calculator to find out how much you need to live the retirement you want and how to get there.