We Learn and Grow

                                                              Be Free to Grow

                                                              Be Free to Grow

                                                              In BCT, we believe that employees are part of the fundamental assets.

                                                              As the people development partner in BCT, we are dedicated to build a self-initiated learning culture so as to enhance our colleagues’ strength that help them excel with us.

                                                              BCT Corporate Academy

                                                              With this end-in-mind, the BCT Corporate Academy was established to serve as the map and compass which guide the “explorers” to navigate the journey according to our BCTians’ learning and development needs. Ranging from “Lead Self”, “Lead People”, “Lead Execution” to “Lead Strategy”, learners can always find their direction and plan for the path to advance themselves by levels.

                                                              The academy is also like a toolbox that equips them with essential tools and techniques to take challenges ahead or at next level.

                                                              BCT Learning Model

                                                              Be a BCTian

                                                              Be a BCTian

                                                              BCT is constantly looking for talented people who share our core values of Integrity, Customer Focus, Creating Value, Collaborative Team Work, Excellence and Professionalism. We want to uncover these talents and partner with them to help achieve their ambitions and their ultimate career goals. Working as BCTians, our colleagues will have the opportunity to demonstrate leadership with the required support and on-the-job learning opportunities to help them to succeed and make contributions.

                                                              If the above describes what you are looking for, take the initiative yourself and search for job openings that suit you.

                                                              Why BCT

                                                              BCT believes that a team of dedicated people is the key to the success of our business. Here at BCT, we strive to provide a working environment that encourages employees to thrive through collaboration among teams, with an aim to create the highest possible value for our pension scheme members and fund investors. We believe working at BCT is more than just a job, we invest in our staff’s career and provide them a chance to learn, grow and shine through unleashing their optimal potential.

                                                              We Shine

                                                              Be Proud to Shine

                                                              People look for meaning in their life and want to make a real contribution. Dedicated in playing a role for our society's long-term harmony, stability and development, BCT offers an environment where our employees can achieve success at work while contributing to the society. Throughout the years, our volunteer team have worked together and exercised teamwork spirit in helping the community and the environment in which we operate. In particular, we have taken numerous measures to show our care for the society and push forward environmental protection like paper saving, beach cleaning, tree planting, etc.

                                                              BCT also cultivates an encouraging, happy and positive company culture to boost employee wellbeing. The better the wellbeing the employees are, the more productive they become, and therefore the more sustainable our business will be. Through a wide range of employee engagement activities and team building programs, we actively promote the welfare of employees and help them realize their full potential at work and beyond.


                                                              Our Shining Moments

                                                              Serving the industry

                                                              As industry leader, BCT is well-recognised for the contribution in the industry. The awards will speak for itself, for details.

                                                              Part of the Community

                                                              We like to see BCT as part of the community. Learn more about what we have done to serve the community, for details.