MPF Scheme

                                                              For Employer
                                                              Demo / User Guide
                                                              MPF Calculator (Regular Employee)

                                                              This handy calculator helps employers calculate MPF contributions for their regular employees and prepare remittance statements for submission to BCT.

                                                              MPF Calculator (Casual Employee)

                                                              This handy calculator helps employers calculate MPF contributions for their casual employee and prepare remittance statements / contribution forms for submission to BCT.

                                                              Contribution Form (Casual Employee)

                                                              This handy form helps employers prepare contribution information for submission to BCT.


                                                              Please note that C-Online is only applicable for calendar month payroll cycle that starts from the first day of the month and ends on the last day of the month.

                                                              Contribution Computation Tool (First Contribution of Regular Employee)

                                                              The Calculator is only applicable for calculating the first contribution for calendar month payroll employees (other than casual employees) between the age of 18 and 65. It is not applicable to those employees (i) who reach the age of 65 or cease employment during a payroll period that falls within the first contribution period, or (ii) whose employment is transferred between companies as a result of business ownership change or intra-group transfer.

                                                              Contribution Computation Tool (Casual Employee)

                                                              This Contribution Computation Tool helps employers calculate contributions for their casual employees conveniently and speedily.


                                                              When making MPF contributions every month, employers are required to submit a remittance statement listing the contribution details of all employees enrolled in the MPF plan. If your employees earn steady income and the staff turnover is low, Autobill will definitely save your time in making MPF contributions. Under the Autobill arrangement, BCT will prepare the remittance statement for you with the last available relevant income of your employees and send you a pre-printed remittance statement with contribution details by post before the end of each month. You will only need to verify the contribution details, sign and submit that remittance statement together with contribution payment to BCT by post for handling. For details, please call our Employer Hotline at 2298 9388.


                                                              When you enroll new employees to the MPF scheme, make use of BCT’s new "eEnrolment" service. Login to “Employer ePlatform” at, fill in and submit basic information of the employees under “eEnrolment”. Your employees will receive a link through SMS/email with instructions to complete the enrolment process. Save time from form collection and further follow up.

                                                              For Employee/Self-employed
                                                              Demo / User Guide
                                                              Retirement Calculator
                                                              Reading Guide & Glossary to Your Member Benefit Statement (Annual)
                                                              Reading Guide & Glossary to Your Member Benefit Statement (Semi-annual)
                                                              How to login member website
                                                              How to Proceed Fund Switching
                                                              How to Change Investment Mandate
                                                              MPF eChannel – Consolidate & Transfer MPF
                                                              MPF eChannel – Tax Deductible Voluntary Contributions (TVC)