What's New

After the Launch of DIS


Think and act
  • Be alert of notice from BCT
  • What does DIS mean to you?
  • What to do if you receive "DIS Re-investment Notice"
  • Understand the potential impact on investment
  • Access information via channels of BCT
  • Use new version of "Change of Investment Mandate for Future Contributions / Fund Switching for Existing Balance Form"


Employers / HR

Ready to help
  • Answer enquiries
  • Use new version of "Member Enrolment Form"
  • Give BCT's channels for staff to get support (e.g. hotline, website, etc.)
  • Work with BCT for market update and support


How BCT can help

Communication is key
  • Send "DIS Re-investment Notice" to relevant members
  • Re-invest in the DIS if no opt-out indication
  • Send confirmation of change to relevant members
  • On-going investor education & member communication