What's New

                                                          Before the Launch of DIS


                                                          Care about your retirement
                                                          Manage your MPF account
                                                          • Review your MPF investment regularly. If you have not provided any investment instruction before, please contact BCT as soon as possible.
                                                          • Update personal details with us if there is any change, to ensure you can receive important DIS information.
                                                          • Read the notice(s) we send to you


                                                          Employers / HR

                                                          Be resourceful
                                                          • Understand the DIS & know the timeline
                                                          • Arrange member briefings for staff
                                                          • Remind staff to give specific investment instruction
                                                          • Use updated forms & materials
                                                          • Update your intranet, staff handbook, etc.


                                                          How BCT can help

                                                          Provide timely information & assistance
                                                          • Readiness of products, forms, relevant documents
                                                          • Communicate with employers and members in advance
                                                          • Send "DIS Pre-implementation Notice" and "Important Note" to all members
                                                          • Provide employer & member briefings
                                                          • Customer service hotline and website