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                                                              BCT (MPF) Pro Choice Information Kit (Self-Employed)

                                                              BCT (MPF) Pro Choice Information Kit (Self-Employed):

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                                                              BCT Investment Alert – BCT’s views on latest market corrections amid rate hikes
                                                              13 May 2022
                                                              BCT Investment Alert – BCT’s views on latest market corrections amid rate hikes
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - China's Pandemic Worsens, Fed to Raise Rates Aggressively
                                                              11 May 2022
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - China's Pandemic Worsens, Fed to Raise Rates Aggressively
                                                              BCT Introduces Hong Kong’s First Asian Income Retirement Fund that Aims to Provide Income and Protection against Inflation
                                                              22 Apr 2022
                                                              BCT Introduces Hong Kong’s First Asian Income Retirement Fund that Aims to Provide Income and Protection against Inflation
                                                              BCT Garnered “Award for Excellence in Public Sector Retirement Schemes” at Ming Pao’s Awards for Excellence in Finance 2022
                                                              14 Apr 2022
                                                              BCT Garnered “Award for Excellence in Public Sector Retirement Schemes” at Ming Pao’s Awards for Excellence in Finance 2022
                                                              Good MPF Employer Award 2021-22 Open for Applications!
                                                              13 Apr 2022
                                                              Good MPF Employer Award 2021-22 Open for Applications! 
                                                              BCT Crowned “Trustee of the Year” at BENCHMARK MPF Awards 2021
                                                              08 Apr 2022
                                                              BCT Crowned “Trustee of the Year” at BENCHMARK MPF Awards 2021
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - U.S. Rate Hike Cycle Kicks off amid Soaring Inflation and War
                                                              06 Apr 2022
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - U.S. Rate Hike Cycle Kicks off amid Soaring Inflation and War
                                                              BCT Scooped Multiple Awards from MPF Ratings
                                                              18 Mar 2022
                                                              BCT Scooped Multiple Awards from MPF Ratings
                                                              BCT Investment Alert – BCT’s latest views on recent market turbulence in Hong Kong and mainland China
                                                              17 Mar 2022
                                                              BCT Investment Alert – BCT’s latest views on recent market turbulence in Hong Kong and mainland China
                                                              BCT Introduces Market First MPF Fund Aiming to Provide Income and Protection Against Inflation
                                                              24 Mar 2022
                                                              BCT Introduces Market First MPF Fund Aiming to Provide Income and Protection Against Inflation
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Inflation worsens, tensions between Russia and Ukraine escalate
                                                              07 Mar 2022
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Inflation worsens, tensions between Russia and Ukraine escalate
                                                              BCT Investment Alert – BCT’s latest views on the global market in response to the entry of Russian troops to Ukraine
                                                              02 Mar 2022
                                                              BCT Investment Alert – BCT’s latest views on the global market in response to the entry of Russian troops to Ukraine
                                                              Social Distancing And Make Good Use Of Our Electronic Means
                                                              10 Feb 2022
                                                              Social Distancing And Make Good Use Of Our Electronic Means
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Fed shifts to inflation battle and speeds up taper
                                                              08 Feb 2022
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Fed shifts to inflation battle and speeds up taper
                                                              Special Business Arrangements (11 Jan 2022)
                                                              17 Jan 2022
                                                              Special Business Arrangements (11 Jan 2022)
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - New Omicron Variant Poses New Risks to the Global Economy
                                                              05 Jan 2022
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - New Omicron Variant Poses New Risks to the Global Economy
                                                              BCT Won the Best SME’s Partner Gold Award for 2 Consecutive Years
                                                              15 Dec 2021
                                                              BCT Won the Best SME’s Partner Gold Award for 2 Consecutive Years
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Supply Chain Crisis Continues and Inflationary Pressures are Heating Up
                                                              07 Dec 2021
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Supply Chain Crisis Continues and Inflationary Pressures are Heating Up
                                                              BCT Flash Report- Is there still prospect for the U.S. market?
                                                              19 Nov 2021
                                                              BCT Flash Report- Is there still prospect for the U.S. market?
                                                              BCT won 2 Mystery Caller Assessment Awards in HKCCA Award 2021
                                                              18 Nov 2021
                                                              BCT won 2 Mystery Caller Assessment Awards in HKCCA Award 2021
                                                              Beware of Fraudulent Calls for Early Withdrawal of MPF
                                                              16 Nov 2021
                                                              Beware of Fraudulent Calls for Early Withdrawal of MPF
                                                              How Does the Upgrade of “BCT MPF” App Affect You?
                                                              15 Nov 2021
                                                              How Does the Upgrade of “BCT MPF” App Affect You?
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - The Fed is About to Taper, While Playing Down Rate Hikes
                                                              11 Nov 2021
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - The Fed is About to Taper, While Playing Down Rate Hikes
                                                              【ESG Advocate】BCT 4th Time Being Recognised as a Sustainable Business
                                                              25 Oct 2021
                                                              【ESG Advocate】BCT 4th Time Being Recognised as a Sustainable Business
                                                              “BCT (MPF) Pro Choice” Provides You with Comprehensive Investment Options with 3 New Funds
                                                              11 Oct 2021
                                                              “BCT (MPF) Pro Choice” Provides You with Comprehensive Investment Options with 3 New Funds 
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - The Fed's hawkish tilt, tapering could be faster than expected
                                                              08 Oct 2021
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - The Fed's hawkish tilt, tapering could be faster than expected
                                                              BCT Investment Alert-Market concerns that a potential Evergrande default might trigger contagion risks, BCT's latest views on the China and Hong Kong market
                                                              28 Sep 2021
                                                              BCT Investment Alert-Market concerns that a potential Evergrande default might trigger contagion risks, BCT's latest views on the China and Hong Kong market
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Delta variants, Fed tapering, China regulatory tightening jolt market
                                                              08 Sep 2021
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Delta variants, Fed tapering, China regulatory tightening jolt market
                                                              BCT wins eMPF Tech Gold Award for “BCT Smart Assistant Macy”
                                                              31 Aug 2021
                                                              BCT wins eMPF Tech Gold Award for “BCT Smart Assistant Macy” 
                                                              Recap of MPF webinar - “Manage your Finance Now to Shape a Better Tomorrow”
                                                              23 Aug 2021
                                                              Recap of MPF webinar - “Manage your Finance Now to Shape a Better Tomorrow”
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Delta variant brings new uncertainty to global economic recovery
                                                              06 Aug 2021
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Delta variant brings new uncertainty to global economic recovery
                                                              BCT Survey: more than 70% of respondents anticipate being financially independent in retirement despite their lack of preparation;
                                                              02 Aug 2021
                                                              BCT Survey: more than 70% of respondents anticipate being financially independent in retirement despite their lack of preparation;
                                                              BCT "Shaping Tomorrow with You Now 未來 - 今日一起來" - Grand Launch Today!
                                                              30 Jul 2021
                                                              BCT "Shaping Tomorrow with You Now 未來 - 今日一起來" - Grand Launch Today!
                                                              Quarterly Update of Model Portfolios under “BCT iPortfolio”
                                                              26 Jul 2021
                                                              Quarterly Update of Model Portfolios under “BCT iPortfolio”
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Good news fully arises   interest rate hikes expected to come earlier
                                                              02 Jul 2021
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Good news fully arises interest rate hikes expected to come earlier
                                                              BCT Market Express - Stay Up-to-date with Market Developments
                                                              22 Jun 2021
                                                              BCT Market Express - Stay Up-to-date with Market Developments
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Global markets fear of rising inflation and comeback of COVID-19
                                                              02 Jun 2021
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Global markets fear of rising inflation and comeback of COVID-19
                                                              BCT is named Equal Opportunity Employer
                                                              21 May 2021
                                                              BCT is named Equal Opportunity Employer 
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - An optimistic outlook for economic recovery amid generally positive macro data
                                                              03 May 2021
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - An optimistic outlook for economic recovery amid generally positive macro data
                                                              Termination of Two Portfolios under “BCT Premier Pooled ORSO Retirement Plan”
                                                              27 Apr 2021
                                                              Termination of Two Portfolios under “BCT Premier Pooled ORSO Retirement Plan”
                                                              BCT Claimed “Provider of the Year” at BENCHMARK Fund of the Year Awards
                                                              16 Apr 2021
                                                              BCT Claimed “Provider of the Year” at BENCHMARK Fund of the Year Awards
                                                              Quarterly Update of Model Portfolios under “BCT iPortfolio”
                                                              15 Apr 2021
                                                              Quarterly Update of Model Portfolios under “BCT iPortfolio” 
                                                              Calling for Good MPF Employers in 2020-21!
                                                              07 Apr 2021
                                                              Calling for Good MPF Employers in 2020-21!
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - A year after COVID-19   The market is optimistic about economic recovery in Asia
                                                              30 Mar 2021
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - A year after COVID-19 The market is optimistic about economic recovery in Asia
                                                              New contribution method PPS is now available for TVC
                                                              19 Mar 2021
                                                              New contribution method PPS is now available for TVC 
                                                              [MPF Webinar] Register Now! Learn How to Transform Your Health and Wealth
                                                              18 Mar 2021
                                                              [MPF Webinar] Register Now! Learn How to Transform Your Health and Wealth
                                                              BCT Won MPF Ratings’ Gold Rated Scheme and Multiple Honours
                                                              12 Mar 2021
                                                              BCT Won MPF Ratings’ Gold Rated Scheme and Multiple Honours 
                                                              [MPF Webinar] Getting Fit Financially and Physically
                                                              11 Mar 2021
                                                              [MPF Webinar] Getting Fit Financially and Physically
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Reflation expectations heat up, stock markets are under pressure as U.S. Treasury yields rise
                                                              04 Mar 2021
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Reflation expectations heat up, stock markets are under pressure as U.S. Treasury yields rise
                                                              BCT Promotes Digitalisation and Shares Market Outlook in Media Briefing
                                                              02 Mar 2021
                                                              BCT Promotes Digitalisation and Shares Market Outlook in Media Briefing
                                                              BCT Garners “Best MPF Scheme Provider - 20 years” Award with a Special Recognition to MD&CEO Ka Shi Lau
                                                              02 Mar 2021
                                                              BCT Garners “Best MPF Scheme Provider - 20 years” Award with a Special Recognition to MD&CEO Ka Shi Lau 
                                                              【MPF TVC】 BCT Accompanies You in Reaching Your MPF Goal
                                                              16 Feb 2021
                                                              【MPF TVC】 BCT Accompanies You in Reaching Your MPF Goal
                                                              Happy Chinese New Year!
                                                              01 Feb 2021
                                                              Happy Chinese New Year!
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Bull market returns, stock market is expected to rise
                                                              01 Feb 2021
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Bull market returns, stock market is expected to rise
                                                              “BCT iPortfolio” Quarterly Update - Check the Latest Model Portfolio
                                                              27 Jan 2021
                                                              “BCT iPortfolio” Quarterly Update - Check the Latest Model Portfolio
                                                              BCT won “Financial Education Champion" for 3 Consecutive Years
                                                              15 Jan 2021
                                                              BCT won “Financial Education Champion" for 3 Consecutive Years
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Hopes of epidemic control and economic recovery lift cyclical stocks
                                                              06 Jan 2021
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Hopes of epidemic control and economic recovery lift cyclical stocks
                                                              BCT Wishes You a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2021!
                                                              31 Dec 2020
                                                              BCT Wishes You a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2021! 
                                                              BCT Won Silver Award in “Marketing Excellence Awards 2020”
                                                              21 Dec 2020
                                                              BCT Won Silver Award in “Marketing Excellence Awards 2020” 
                                                              Christmas Greetings from BCT    Here Comes Our Santa Girl Macy!
                                                              18 Dec 2020
                                                              Christmas Greetings from BCT Here Comes Our Santa Girl Macy!
                                                              BCT Celebrates 20th Anniversary of the MPF System
                                                              11 Dec 2020
                                                              BCT Celebrates 20th Anniversary of the MPF System
                                                              Special Business Arrangements (Posted on 1 Dec 2020)
                                                              02 Dec 2020
                                                              Special Business Arrangements (Posted on 1 Dec 2020)
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Investors dive into markets after U.S. election and positive vaccine news
                                                              02 Dec 2020
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Investors dive into markets after U.S. election and positive vaccine news
                                                              BCT Won “Gold Award” in “Best SME’s Partner Award 2020”
                                                              25 Nov 2020
                                                              BCT Won “Gold Award” in “Best SME’s Partner Award 2020”
                                                              BCT Won “Mystery Caller Assessment Award – Best of the Best” for 6 Years in HKCCA Award 2020
                                                              16 Nov 2020
                                                              BCT Won “Mystery Caller Assessment Award – Best of the Best” for 6 Years in HKCCA Award 2020
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - U.S. election and COVID-19 risks reappearing
                                                              03 Nov 2020
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - U.S. election and COVID-19 risks reappearing
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Market risks surge as U.S.-China tensions escalate
                                                              29 Sep 2020
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Market risks surge as U.S.-China tensions escalate
                                                              BCT Wins 2 FinTech Awards for Digital Innovation
                                                              29 Sep 2020
                                                              BCT Wins 2 FinTech Awards for Digital Innovation
                                                              Beware of Fraudulent Websites
                                                              21 Sep 2020
                                                              Beware of Fraudulent Websites 
                                                              Beware of Fraudulent Website
                                                              10 Sep 2020
                                                              Beware of Fraudulent Website 
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - A Fragmented Recovery Across the World amid COVID-19
                                                              31 Aug 2020
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - A Fragmented Recovery Across the World amid COVID-19
                                                              BCT Market Outlook -  Who will recover faster as pandemic lingers?
                                                              31 Jul 2020
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Who will recover faster as pandemic lingers?
                                                              Special Postal Arrangement  Make Contributions Electronically
                                                              22 Jul 2020
                                                              Special Postal Arrangement Make Contributions Electronically
                                                              Special Business Arrangements (Posted on 20 July 2020)
                                                              20 Jul 2020
                                                              Special Business Arrangements (Posted on 20 July 2020)
                                                              BCT Launched the First-ever Simulation Game in the MPF Market
                                                              14 Jul 2020
                                                              BCT Launched the First-ever Simulation Game in the MPF Market
                                                              BCT Works with 2 Local Renowned Artists to Show “Performance Builds Trust”
                                                              13 Jul 2020
                                                              BCT Works with 2 Local Renowned Artists to Show “Performance Builds Trust”
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Unprecedented Global Economic Stimulus Measures, Financial Markets Decoupled from Reality
                                                              02 Jul 2020
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Unprecedented Global Economic Stimulus Measures, Financial Markets Decoupled from Reality
                                                              BCT iPortfolio	Help You Make Informed Investment Decisions
                                                              03 Jun 2020
                                                              BCT iPortfolio Help You Make Informed Investment Decisions
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - The Post COVID-19 Pandemic World
                                                              02 Jun 2020
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - The Post COVID-19 Pandemic World
                                                              BCT MPF Equity Funds Recognized in Refinitiv Lipper Fund Awards 2020
                                                              26 May 2020
                                                              BCT MPF Equity Funds Recognized in Refinitiv Lipper Fund Awards 2020 
                                                              ESS Dedicated Webpage @BCT
                                                              13 May 2020
                                                              ESS Dedicated Webpage @BCT
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Global stock markets crash as COVID-19 crisis escalates
                                                              04 May 2020
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Global stock markets crash as COVID-19 crisis escalates
                                                              BCT Received 10 Top MPF Honors at BENCHMARK Fund of the Year Awards
                                                              21 Apr 2020
                                                              BCT Received 10 Top MPF Honors at BENCHMARK Fund of the Year Awards
                                                              Calling for Good MPF Employers in 2019-20!
                                                              09 Apr 2020
                                                              Calling for Good MPF Employers in 2019-20!
                                                              MPF Investing Do’s and Don’ts in Extreme Market Condition
                                                              01 Apr 2020
                                                              MPF Investing Do’s and Don’ts in Extreme Market Condition
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Sell-off on COVID-19 Pandemic
                                                              31 Mar 2020
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Sell-off on COVID-19 Pandemic
                                                              BCT Scooped Multiple Accolades from MPF Ratings
                                                              18 Mar 2020
                                                              BCT Scooped Multiple Accolades from MPF Ratings
                                                              3 Things To Watch Out For Despite Further Market Consolidation
                                                              13 Mar 2020
                                                              3 Things To Watch Out For Despite Further Market Consolidation
                                                              Market Volatilities Continue   Don’t Panic but Stay Vigilant
                                                              10 Mar 2020
                                                              Market Volatilities Continue Don’t Panic but Stay Vigilant
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - ‘Black swan’ COVID-19 casts its shadow over the global market
                                                              28 Feb 2020
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - ‘Black swan’ COVID-19 casts its shadow over the global market
                                                              Global stock market consolidation in the face of continuous spreading of coronavirus
                                                              25 Feb 2020
                                                              Global stock market consolidation in the face of continuous spreading of coronavirus 
                                                              Special Business Arrangements (Updated on 25.2.2020)
                                                              25 Feb 2020
                                                              Special Business Arrangements (Updated on 25.2.2020)
                                                              Special Business Arrangements
                                                              10 Feb 2020
                                                              Special Business Arrangements
                                                              Special Postal and Bank Services Arrangements         Make Contributions Electronically
                                                              05 Feb 2020
                                                              Special Postal and Bank Services Arrangements Make Contributions Electronically
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Long-term Pension Investing Under the Serious Epidemic
                                                              04 Feb 2020
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Long-term Pension Investing Under the Serious Epidemic
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Double breakthroughs on Brexit and US-China trade war
                                                              02 Jan 2020
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Double breakthroughs on Brexit and US-China trade war
                                                              Promote BCT’s Diversified Electronic Services on “MPF e-Tools Experience Day”
                                                              10 Dec 2019
                                                              Promote BCT’s Diversified Electronic Services on “MPF e-Tools Experience Day” 
                                                              Latest Issue of “BCT Connect” is Now Available
                                                              09 Dec 2019
                                                              Latest Issue of “BCT Connect” is Now Available
                                                              Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information to be Implemented for MPF Schemes and ORSO Registered Schemes on 1 January 2020
                                                              03 Dec 2019
                                                              Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information to be Implemented for MPF Schemes and ORSO Registered Schemes on 1 January 2020
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Can the Dovish Central Bank Reverse the Global Economic Slowdown?
                                                              02 Dec 2019
                                                              BCT Market Outlook - Can the Dovish Central Bank Reverse the Global Economic Slowdown?
                                                              BCT won “Financial Education Champion" for 2 Consecutive Years
                                                              27 Nov 2019
                                                              BCT won “Financial Education Champion" for 2 Consecutive Years
                                                              BCT Outperformed Competition and Won “Best-of-the-Best” Award in Mystery Caller Assessment Award 2019
                                                              11 Nov 2019
                                                              BCT Outperformed Competition and Won “Best-of-the-Best” Award in Mystery Caller Assessment Award 2019
                                                              BCT Extends Support to Climate Finance & Sustainable Investing Conference 2019
                                                              06 Nov 2019
                                                              BCT Extends Support to Climate Finance & Sustainable Investing Conference 2019 
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (as of Oct 2019)
                                                              30 Oct 2019
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (as of Oct 2019)
                                                              BCT MPF Seminar 2019 - "Bring You Wealth and Health for a Sustainable Future"
                                                              29 Oct 2019
                                                              BCT MPF Seminar 2019 - "Bring You Wealth and Health for a Sustainable Future" 
                                                              BCT the First Winner of “Sustainable Business Award” for 3 Years from Financial Sector
                                                              18 Oct 2019
                                                              BCT the First Winner of “Sustainable Business Award” for 3 Years from Financial Sector
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (as of Sep 2019)
                                                              04 Oct 2019
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (as of Sep 2019)
                                                              Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information to be Implemented for MPF Schemes and ORSO Registered Schemes on 1 January 2020
                                                              27 Sep 2019
                                                              Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information to be Implemented for MPF Schemes and ORSO Registered Schemes on 1 January 2020 
                                                              Mobile Phone Number & Email Address are Essential for the Full Implementation of “Two-factor Authentication”
                                                              23 Sep 2019
                                                              Mobile Phone Number & Email Address are Essential for the Full Implementation of “Two-factor Authentication” 
                                                               Latest Issue of “BCT Connect” is Now Available
                                                              04 Sep 2019
                                                               Latest Issue of “BCT Connect” is Now Available
                                                              BCT Next Academy Promotes Lifelong Learning for a Decade
                                                              03 Sep 2019
                                                              BCT Next Academy Promotes Lifelong Learning for a Decade 
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (as of Aug 2019)
                                                              27 Aug 2019
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (as of Aug 2019)
                                                              BCT MPF Tutorial - Mid-year Investment Outlook 2019
                                                              02 Aug 2019
                                                              BCT MPF Tutorial - Mid-year Investment Outlook 2019
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (as of Jul 2019)
                                                              31 Jul 2019
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (as of Jul 2019)
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (As of Jun 2019)
                                                              05 Jul 2019
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (As of Jun 2019) 
                                                              BCT Wins Best SME’s Partner Award for 10 Years
                                                              17 Jun 2019
                                                              BCT Wins Best SME’s Partner Award for 10 Years
                                                              Go Paperless		“Semi-annual Member Benefit Statement” will Not be Sent by Post
                                                              14 Jun 2019
                                                              Go Paperless “Semi-annual Member Benefit Statement” will Not be Sent by Post
                                                              WGO x BCT Paper Saving Pioneers - 29.6.2019
                                                              30 Jul 2019
                                                              WGO x BCT Paper Saving Pioneers - 29.6.2019
                                                              Latest Issue of “BCT Connect” is Now Available
                                                              14 Jun 2019
                                                              Latest Issue of “BCT Connect” is Now Available
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (May 2019)
                                                              12 Jun 2019
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (May 2019)
                                                              Alert on Fraudsters Purporting to be Employee of BCT
                                                              31 May 2019
                                                              Alert on Fraudsters Purporting to be Employee of BCT
                                                              MPFA launches a one-stop MPF Fund Platform
                                                              09 May 2019
                                                              MPFA launches a one-stop MPF Fund Platform
                                                              BCT Wins 6 Pension Funds Awards at Lipper Fund Awards 2019
                                                              08 May 2019
                                                              BCT Wins 6 Pension Funds Awards at Lipper Fund Awards 2019
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Apr 2019)
                                                              03 May 2019
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Apr 2019)
                                                              Louis Cheung Shows you How to “Do it Right, Save More” with BCT TVC
                                                              29 Apr 2019
                                                              Louis Cheung Shows you How to “Do it Right, Save More” with BCT TVC
                                                              Watch BCT’s video to learn about tax saving with TVC
                                                              24 Apr 2019
                                                              Watch BCT’s video to learn about tax saving with TVC
                                                              BCT has Launched Two-factor Authentication
                                                              15 Apr 2019
                                                              BCT has Launched Two-factor Authentication
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Mar 2019)
                                                              02 Apr 2019
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Mar 2019) 
                                                              Calling for Good MPF Employers in 2018-19!
                                                              29 Mar 2019
                                                              Calling for Good MPF Employers in 2018-19!
                                                              BCT Held Media Briefing on MPF Tax-deductible Voluntary Contribution (TVC)
                                                              28 Mar 2019
                                                              BCT Held Media Briefing on MPF Tax-deductible Voluntary Contribution (TVC) 
                                                              New Tax Incentive - MPF “Tax Deductible Voluntary Contributions” Comes into Effect on 1 April 2019
                                                              20 Mar 2019
                                                              New Tax Incentive - MPF “Tax Deductible Voluntary Contributions” Comes into Effect on 1 April 2019 
                                                              Two-factor Authentication for Online Account     Provides Dual Protection to Members
                                                              01 Apr 2019
                                                              Two-factor Authentication for Online Account Provides Dual Protection to Members
                                                              BCT Crowned “Best Administrator” at The MPF Awards for 4 Consecutive Years!
                                                              06 Mar 2019
                                                              BCT Crowned “Best Administrator” at The MPF Awards for 4 Consecutive Years!
                                                              Latest Issue of “BCT Connect” is Now Available
                                                              04 Mar 2019
                                                              Latest Issue of “BCT Connect” is Now Available
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Feb 2019)
                                                              04 Mar 2019
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Feb 2019)
                                                              BCT Takes Home Nine BENCHMARK Fund of the Year Awards
                                                              12 Feb 2019
                                                              BCT Takes Home Nine BENCHMARK Fund of the Year Awards 
                                                              BCT Group Held Media Briefing on e-Services and 2019 Market Outlook
                                                              01 Feb 2019
                                                              BCT Group Held Media Briefing on e-Services and 2019 Market Outlook
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Jan 2019)
                                                              01 Feb 2019
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Jan 2019)
                                                              Notice of Online Login Services Security
                                                              11 Jan 2019
                                                              Notice of Online Login Services Security
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Dec 2018)
                                                              03 Jan 2019
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Dec 2018)
                                                              Enjoy the Convenience of Digital Service: Opt for MPF Electronic Statements and Documents
                                                              15 Jan 2019
                                                              Enjoy the Convenience of Digital Service: Opt for MPF Electronic Statements and Documents
                                                              Casual Employees in Construction & Catering Industries   Open “Casual Employee Accounts”
                                                              17 Dec 2018
                                                              Casual Employees in Construction & Catering Industries Open “Casual Employee Accounts”
                                                              BCT Wins 5 Awards at “Bloomberg Businessweek Top Fund Awards 2018”
                                                              14 Dec 2018
                                                              BCT Wins 5 Awards at “Bloomberg Businessweek Top Fund Awards 2018”
                                                              Latest Issue of “BCT Connect” is Now Available
                                                              06 Dec 2018
                                                              Latest Issue of “BCT Connect” is Now Available
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Nov 2018)
                                                              05 Dec 2018
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Nov 2018) 
                                                              BCT eEnrolment - New Employee Registration is Simple!
                                                              05 Dec 2018
                                                              BCT eEnrolment - New Employee Registration is Simple! 
                                                              Name Change of “Absolute Return Fund” under BCT (MPF) Pro Choice and BCT (MPF) Industry Choice
                                                              30 Nov 2018
                                                              Name Change of “Absolute Return Fund” under BCT (MPF) Pro Choice and BCT (MPF) Industry Choice
                                                              BCT Recognised as “Financial Education Champion” with Innovative Online Platform
                                                              28 Nov 2018
                                                              BCT Recognised as “Financial Education Champion” with Innovative Online Platform
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Oct 2018)
                                                              31 Oct 2018
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Oct 2018)
                                                              BCT Won Mystery Caller Awards for 8 Consecutive Years
                                                              30 Oct 2018
                                                              BCT Won Mystery Caller Awards for 8 Consecutive Years
                                                              BCT Attained 2018 Sustainable Business Award by World Green Organisation
                                                              26 Oct 2018
                                                              BCT Attained 2018 Sustainable Business Award by World Green Organisation
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Sept 2018)
                                                              05 Oct 2018
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Sept 2018) 
                                                              Personalise My BCT e-Journey
                                                              14 Sep 2018
                                                              Personalise My BCT e-Journey
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Aug 2018)
                                                              31 Aug 2018
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Aug 2018) 
                                                              Result announcement of “BCT's GO Green GO Paperless Campaign” Lucky Draw
                                                              20 Aug 2018
                                                              Result announcement of “BCT's GO Green GO Paperless Campaign” Lucky Draw
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Jul 2018)
                                                              31 Jul 2018
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Jul 2018)
                                                              Setting e-Platform Password to Embark on e-Journey with BCT
                                                              16 Jul 2018
                                                              Setting e-Platform Password to Embark on e-Journey with BCT
                                                              BCT Encouraged the Public to Plan their Retirement Life in Multiple Aspects
                                                              11 Jul 2018
                                                              BCT Encouraged the Public to Plan their Retirement Life in Multiple Aspects
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Jun 2018)
                                                              04 Jul 2018
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Jun 2018)
                                                              BCT Wins Best SME’s Partner Award for the 9th Consecutive Year
                                                              19 Jun 2018
                                                              BCT Wins Best SME’s Partner Award for the 9th Consecutive Year
                                                              BCT’s MD & CEO Named Top Pension Executive by AsianInvestor
                                                              30 Jul 2018
                                                              BCT’s MD & CEO Named Top Pension Executive by AsianInvestor
                                                              BCT Supports the Governance Charter for MPF Trustees
                                                              01 Jun 2018
                                                              BCT Supports the Governance Charter for MPF Trustees 
                                                              BCT Wins Best Pension Funds at Lipper Fund Awards 2018
                                                              07 Jun 2018
                                                              BCT Wins Best Pension Funds at Lipper Fund Awards 2018
                                                              BCT - MPF Made Easy.  Piggy Army Debuts Again!
                                                              23 May 2018
                                                              BCT - MPF Made Easy. Piggy Army Debuts Again!
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (May 2018)
                                                              15 May 2018
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (May 2018) 
                                                              The MPFA Launched Fund Performance Platform
                                                              07 May 2018
                                                              The MPFA Launched Fund Performance Platform
                                                              MPFA 2017-18 Good Employer Award Open for Applications
                                                              26 Apr 2018
                                                              MPFA 2017-18 Good Employer Award Open for Applications
                                                              Updated Fund Platform for BCT (MPF) Pro Choice – NEW administrative forms available on our website!
                                                              02 May 2018
                                                              Updated Fund Platform for BCT (MPF) Pro Choice – NEW administrative forms available on our website! 
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Apr 2018)
                                                              16 Apr 2018
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Apr 2018)
                                                              BCT Group has been recognised as a "Caring Company" for 15 years
                                                              03 Apr 2018
                                                              BCT Group has been recognised as a "Caring Company" for 15 years
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Mar 2018)
                                                              20 Mar 2018
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Mar 2018)
                                                              BCT Clinches Multiple Honours at "The 2018 MPF Awards"
                                                              15 Mar 2018
                                                              BCT Clinches Multiple Honours at "The 2018 MPF Awards"
                                                              Introducing an Updated Fund Platform for BCT (MPF) Pro Choice - Cut-off Time for Placing investment instructions
                                                              05 Mar 2018
                                                              Introducing an Updated Fund Platform for BCT (MPF) Pro Choice - Cut-off Time for Placing investment instructions
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Feb 2018)
                                                              12 Feb 2018
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Feb 2018)
                                                              BCT Won 7 Accolades at 2017 Benchmark Fund of the Year Awards
                                                              31 Jan 2018
                                                              BCT Won 7 Accolades at 2017 Benchmark Fund of the Year Awards
                                                              Going Green with BCT
                                                              31 Jan 2018
                                                              Going Green with BCT
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Jan 2018)
                                                              16 Jan 2018
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Jan 2018)
                                                              BCT’s ePlatform – Your new experience in MPF management
                                                              11 Jan 2018
                                                              BCT’s ePlatform – Your new experience in MPF management
                                                              Ready to Score GOALS for You – Update on Fund Platform for BCT (MPF) Pro Choice
                                                              20 Dec 2017
                                                              Ready to Score GOALS for You – Update on Fund Platform for BCT (MPF) Pro Choice
                                                              BCT Scoops 5 Awards at “Bloomberg Businessweek Top Fund Awards 2017”
                                                              14 Dec 2017
                                                              BCT Scoops 5 Awards at “Bloomberg Businessweek Top Fund Awards 2017”
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Dec 2017)
                                                              13 Dec 2017
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Dec 2017)
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Nov 2017)
                                                              16 Nov 2017
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Nov 2017) 
                                                              BCT Won Mystery Caller Awards for 7 consecutive years
                                                              02 Nov 2017
                                                              BCT Won Mystery Caller Awards for 7 consecutive years
                                                              Website Launches New “Member Zone” to Present Fabulous Offers to Members
                                                              19 Oct 2017
                                                              Website Launches New “Member Zone” to Present Fabulous Offers to Members 
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Oct 2017)
                                                              13 Oct 2017
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Oct 2017)
                                                              We are Good MPF Employer
                                                              27 Sep 2017
                                                              We are Good MPF Employer 
                                                              2017 BCT Investment Seminar  Smart Tips for Retirement Planning
                                                              15 Sep 2017
                                                              2017 BCT Investment Seminar Smart Tips for Retirement Planning
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Sep 2017)
                                                              14 Sep 2017
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Sep 2017) 
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Aug 2017)
                                                              15 Aug 2017
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Aug 2017)
                                                              BCT Reports Only 8% of 40,000 Members Invested in the DIS or DIS Funds are of Active Choice – Mostly Associated With Young Members and Conservative Funds
                                                              27 Jul 2017
                                                              BCT Reports Only 8% of 40,000 Members Invested in the DIS or DIS Funds are of Active Choice – Mostly Associated With Young Members and Conservative Funds
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Jul 2017)
                                                              12 Jul 2017
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Jul 2017)
                                                              BCT Named “Best SME’s Partner” for 8 Consecutive Years
                                                              20 Jun 2017
                                                              BCT Named “Best SME’s Partner” for 8 Consecutive Years
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Jun 2017)
                                                              12 Jun 2017
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Jun 2017)
                                                              MPFA 2016-17 Good Employer Award Open for Applications
                                                              06 Jun 2017
                                                              MPFA 2016-17 Good Employer Award Open for Applications 
                                                              Watch “2017 Global Investment Themes” Online
                                                              01 Jun 2017
                                                              Watch “2017 Global Investment Themes” Online
                                                              BCT Named “Best Hong Kong Pension Funds Group in Overall” by Lipper – 4 years in a row!
                                                              25 May 2017
                                                              BCT Named “Best Hong Kong Pension Funds Group in Overall” by Lipper – 4 years in a row!
                                                              Update to BCT Market Outlook (May 2017)
                                                              19 May 2017
                                                              Update to BCT Market Outlook (May 2017)
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (May 2017)
                                                              15 May 2017
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (May 2017)
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Apr 2017)
                                                              13 Apr 2017
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Apr 2017)
                                                              “Piggy Army” Presents Fabulous Offers to Fans
                                                              03 Apr 2017
                                                              “Piggy Army” Presents Fabulous Offers to Fans
                                                              DIS Launches on 1 April – New Forms Are Available
                                                              30 Mar 2017
                                                              DIS Launches on 1 April – New Forms Are Available
                                                              Care About MPF: Check the 2016 Annual Statement
                                                              21 Mar 2017
                                                              Care About MPF: Check the 2016 Annual Statement
                                                              BCT Won the Market Leadership Award in MPF Management
                                                              20 Mar 2017
                                                              BCT Won the Market Leadership Award in MPF Management
                                                              Simplify Investment Instruction Options
                                                              15 Mar 2017
                                                              Simplify Investment Instruction Options
                                                              BCT’s Web Enhanced with Better Functionality for “Fund Information”
                                                              13 Mar 2017
                                                              BCT’s Web Enhanced with Better Functionality for “Fund Information”
                                                              BCT Scoops Multiple Accolades at “The 2017 MPF Awards”
                                                              10 Mar 2017
                                                              BCT Scoops Multiple Accolades at “The 2017 MPF Awards”
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Mar 2017)
                                                              09 Mar 2017
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Mar 2017)
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Feb 2017)
                                                              14 Feb 2017
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Feb 2017)
                                                              BCT Group Sees an Uptrend in MPF Account Consolidation among Members
                                                              24 Jan 2017
                                                              BCT Group Sees an Uptrend in MPF Account Consolidation among Members
                                                              BCT Received “Provider of the Year Award – MPF” at 2016 Benchmark Fund of the Year Awards
                                                              20 Jan 2017
                                                              BCT Received “Provider of the Year Award – MPF” at 2016 Benchmark Fund of the Year Awards
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Jan 2017)
                                                              12 Jan 2017
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Jan 2017)
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Dec 2016)
                                                              16 Dec 2016
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Dec 2016)
                                                              Mobile App Update - New Fund Price Alert Function
                                                              15 Dec 2016
                                                              Mobile App Update - New Fund Price Alert Function
                                                              Website Launches New “Default Investment Strategy” Section
                                                              12 Dec 2016
                                                              Website Launches New “Default Investment Strategy” Section
                                                              BCT Wins 2 Awards at “Bloomberg Businessweek Top Fund Awards 2016”
                                                              07 Dec 2016
                                                              BCT Wins 2 Awards at “Bloomberg Businessweek Top Fund Awards 2016”
                                                              BCT Receives “Best Social Media (MPF) Award”
                                                              06 Dec 2016
                                                              BCT Receives “Best Social Media (MPF) Award”
                                                              Notice to Employers: Revision of “Employee Termination Notice” / “Remittance Statement”
                                                              22 Nov 2016
                                                              Notice to Employers: Revision of “Employee Termination Notice” / “Remittance Statement” 
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Nov 2016)
                                                              16 Nov 2016
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Nov 2016)
                                                              BCT Makes Managing Your MPF a Breeze - Unveiling of the “Piggy Army”
                                                              09 Nov 2016
                                                              BCT Makes Managing Your MPF a Breeze - Unveiling of the “Piggy Army”
                                                              BCT Named Six-Time Champion for Service Excellence
                                                              07 Nov 2016
                                                              BCT Named Six-Time Champion for Service Excellence 
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Oct 2016)
                                                              14 Oct 2016
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Oct 2016)
                                                              BCT Becomes the First MPF Company to Win the “Sustainable Business Award 2016”
                                                              03 Oct 2016
                                                              BCT Becomes the First MPF Company to Win the “Sustainable Business Award 2016”
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Sep 2016)
                                                              14 Sep 2016
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Sep 2016)
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Aug 2016)
                                                              15 Aug 2016
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Aug 2016)
                                                              BCT Group Further Lowers MPF Management Fees, and Shares Global Investment Outlook for the Second Half of 2016
                                                              26 Jul 2016
                                                              BCT Group Further Lowers MPF Management Fees, and Shares Global Investment Outlook for the Second Half of 2016
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (July 2016)
                                                              13 Jul 2016
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (July 2016)
                                                              MPFA Newsletter (Issue No. 23, Jun 2016)
                                                              05 Jul 2016
                                                              MPFA Newsletter (Issue No. 23, Jun 2016)
                                                              BCT Named “Best SME’s Partner” for 7 Consecutive Years
                                                              30 Jun 2016
                                                              BCT Named “Best SME’s Partner” for 7 Consecutive Years
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (June 2016)
                                                              14 Jun 2016
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (June 2016)
                                                              BCT Launches Brand-New Interactive Website     Helps Members Reach Retirement Goals
                                                              30 May 2016
                                                              BCT Launches Brand-New Interactive Website Helps Members Reach Retirement Goals 
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (May 2016)
                                                              12 May 2016
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (May 2016)
                                                              MPFA Good MPF Employer Award 2015-16 accepting applications now
                                                              04 May 2016
                                                              MPFA Good MPF Employer Award 2015-16 accepting applications now
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Apr 2016)
                                                              15 Apr 2016
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Apr 2016)
                                                              MPFA Newsletter (Issue No. 22, Mar 2016)
                                                              14 Apr 2016
                                                              MPFA Newsletter (Issue No. 22, Mar 2016)
                                                              2015 Annual Member Benefit Statement / Employer Statement
                                                              23 Mar 2016
                                                              2015 Annual Member Benefit Statement / Employer Statement
                                                              BCT Named "Best HK Pension Funds Group in Overall" by Lipper for 3rd Consecutive Year
                                                              22 Mar 2016
                                                              BCT Named "Best HK Pension Funds Group in Overall" by Lipper for 3rd Consecutive Year
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Mar 2016)
                                                              15 Mar 2016
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Mar 2016)
                                                              BCT Wins Multiple Awards in 2016 "The MPF Awards"
                                                              10 Mar 2016
                                                              BCT Wins Multiple Awards in 2016 "The MPF Awards"
                                                              Global Investment Themes: What's ahead for 2016?
                                                              01 Mar 2016
                                                              Global Investment Themes: What's ahead for 2016?
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Feb 2016)
                                                              15 Feb 2016
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Feb 2016)
                                                              BCT Scoops 4 Accolades at 2015 Benchmark Fund of the Year Awards
                                                              05 Feb 2016
                                                              BCT Scoops 4 Accolades at 2015 Benchmark Fund of the Year Awards
                                                              "Online Lucky Draw for BCT's New Members" Result Announcement
                                                              29 Jan 2016
                                                              "Online Lucky Draw for BCT's New Members" Result Announcement
                                                              Suspension of BCT account log-in service
                                                              28 Jan 2016
                                                              Suspension of BCT account log-in service
                                                              BCT Celebrates 15th Anniversary with MPF System Shares Investment Outlook
                                                              27 Jan 2016
                                                              BCT Celebrates 15th Anniversary with MPF System Shares Investment Outlook
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Jan 2016)
                                                              15 Jan 2016
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Jan 2016)
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Dec 2015)
                                                              14 Dec 2015
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Dec 2015)
                                                              MPFA new book Towards Retirement Security to mark the 15th anniversary of the MPF
                                                              04 Dec 2015
                                                              MPFA new book Towards Retirement Security to mark the 15th anniversary of the MPF
                                                              BCT Wins 5 Accolades in "Bloomberg Businessweek Top Fund Awards 2015"
                                                              03 Dec 2015
                                                              BCT Wins 5 Accolades in "Bloomberg Businessweek Top Fund Awards 2015"
                                                              BCT Named Employer of Choice 2015 by JobMarket
                                                              27 Nov 2015
                                                              BCT Named Employer of Choice 2015 by JobMarket
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Nov 2015)
                                                              12 Nov 2015
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Nov 2015)
                                                              BCT Wins Multiple Mystery Caller Assessment Awards and APCCAL Recognition of Excellence Award
                                                              02 Nov 2015
                                                              BCT Wins Multiple Mystery Caller Assessment Awards and APCCAL Recognition of Excellence Award
                                                              "Online Lucky Draw for BCT's New Members" Result Announcement
                                                              30 Oct 2015
                                                              "Online Lucky Draw for BCT's New Members" Result Announcement
                                                              BCT Receives Good MPF Employer Award
                                                              19 Oct 2015
                                                              BCT Receives Good MPF Employer Award
                                                              MPF Contribution Authorized Channels
                                                              19 Oct 2015
                                                              MPF Contribution Authorized Channels
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Oct 2015)
                                                              14 Oct 2015
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Oct 2015)
                                                              MPFA Newsletter (Issue No. 20, Sep 2015)
                                                              08 Oct 2015
                                                              MPFA Newsletter (Issue No. 20, Sep 2015)
                                                              Suspension of employer and member account log-in service
                                                              21 Sep 2015
                                                              Suspension of employer and member account log-in service
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Sep 2015)
                                                              14 Sep 2015
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Sep 2015)
                                                              BCT Webcast: 2015 Investment Seminar
                                                              28 Aug 2015
                                                              BCT Webcast: 2015 Investment Seminar
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Aug 2015)
                                                              10 Aug 2015
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Aug 2015)
                                                              Update on member enrollment forms
                                                              23 Jul 2015
                                                              Update on member enrollment forms
                                                              MPFA Newsletter (Issue No. 19, Jun 2015)
                                                              20 Jul 2015
                                                              MPFA Newsletter (Issue No. 19, Jun 2015)
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Jul 2015)
                                                              17 Jul 2015
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Jul 2015)
                                                              "Member Accounts Managed by BCT Exceed 1 Million*" campaign
                                                              16 Jul 2015
                                                              "Member Accounts Managed by BCT Exceed 1 Million*" campaign
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Jun 2015)
                                                              09 Jun 2015
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Jun 2015)
                                                              BCT 2015 Investment Seminar "Open Up Fresh Investment Horizon in 75 Minutes"
                                                              03 Jun 2015
                                                              BCT 2015 Investment Seminar "Open Up Fresh Investment Horizon in 75 Minutes"
                                                              New Name for BCT's Investment Manager
                                                              01 Jun 2015
                                                              New Name for BCT's Investment Manager
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (May 2015)
                                                              14 May 2015
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (May 2015)
                                                              MPFA Newsletter (Issue No. 18, Mar 2015)
                                                              24 Apr 2015
                                                              MPFA Newsletter (Issue No. 18, Mar 2015)
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Apr 2015)
                                                              15 Apr 2015
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Apr 2015)
                                                              Update on member enrollment forms
                                                              10 Apr 2015
                                                              Update on member enrollment forms
                                                              BCT Wins 5 Awards in Lipper Fund Awards 2015 Hong Kong
                                                              01 Apr 2015
                                                              BCT Wins 5 Awards in Lipper Fund Awards 2015 Hong Kong
                                                              Temporary suspension of log-in service to employer account and member account
                                                              31 Mar 2015
                                                              Temporary suspension of log-in service to employer account and member account
                                                              Suspension of employer and member account log-in service
                                                              12 Mar 2015
                                                              Suspension of employer and member account log-in service
                                                              BCT Wins 6 awards in the 2015 MPF Awards
                                                              11 Mar 2015
                                                              BCT Wins 6 awards in the 2015 MPF Awards
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Mar 2015)
                                                              10 Mar 2015
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Mar 2015)
                                                              Annual Member Benefit Statement / Employer Statement for 2014
                                                              06 Mar 2015
                                                              Annual Member Benefit Statement / Employer Statement for 2014
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Feb 2015)
                                                              10 Feb 2015
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Feb 2015)
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Jan 2015)
                                                              13 Jan 2015
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Jan 2015)
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Dec 2014)
                                                              11 Dec 2014
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Dec 2014)
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Nov 2014)
                                                              11 Nov 2014
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Nov 2014)
                                                              BCT named "Best-in-class" (Finance and Insurance) & "Gold Award" in Mystery Caller Assessment Award
                                                              27 Oct 2014
                                                              BCT named "Best-in-class" (Finance and Insurance) & "Gold Award" in Mystery Caller Assessment Award
                                                              Wing Hang Bank changes its name to OCBC Wing Hang Bank
                                                              15 Oct 2014
                                                              Wing Hang Bank changes its name to OCBC Wing Hang Bank
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Oct 2014)
                                                              10 Oct 2014
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Oct 2014)
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Sep 2014)
                                                              22 Sep 2014
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Sep 2014)
                                                              Sign-up "eClub" To receive early notification of BCT news
                                                              19 Sep 2014
                                                              Sign-up "eClub" To receive early notification of BCT news
                                                              Watch "Mission PlayFun" Show - A Chance To Win Fabulous Prizes
                                                              19 Sep 2014
                                                              Watch "Mission PlayFun" Show - A Chance To Win Fabulous Prizes
                                                              Information on The Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority introducing the "core fund"
                                                              12 Sep 2014
                                                              Information on The Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority introducing the "core fund"
                                                              BCT Wins "The Best of MPF Integrated ePlatform" Award
                                                              08 Sep 2014
                                                              BCT Wins "The Best of MPF Integrated ePlatform" Award
                                                              Fund Expense Ratio of BCT (Industry) RMB Bond Fund
                                                              27 Aug 2014
                                                              Fund Expense Ratio of BCT (Industry) RMB Bond Fund
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Aug 2014)
                                                              13 Aug 2014
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Aug 2014)
                                                              New Valued Added Service - "MPF/ORSO Account Balance SMS"
                                                              08 Aug 2014
                                                              New Valued Added Service - "MPF/ORSO Account Balance SMS"
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Jul 2014)
                                                              14 Jul 2014
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Jul 2014)
                                                              BCT Group Receives "Best SME's Partner Award" for 5 consecutive years
                                                              30 Jun 2014
                                                              BCT Group Receives "Best SME's Partner Award" for 5 consecutive years
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Jun 2014)
                                                              23 Jun 2014
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (Jun 2014)
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (May 2014)
                                                              29 May 2014
                                                              BCT Market Outlook (May 2014)
                                                              BCT Group Once Again Honoured with Caring Company Logos
                                                              02 Apr 2014
                                                              BCT Group Once Again Honoured with Caring Company Logos
                                                              BCT Managing Director & CEO Ms Ka Shi Lau, BBS, receives "CAPITAL Leaders of Excellence 2013" Award
                                                              02 Apr 2014
                                                              BCT Managing Director & CEO Ms Ka Shi Lau, BBS, receives "CAPITAL Leaders of Excellence 2013" Award
                                                              Present your statement and get our present
                                                              10 Mar 2014
                                                              Present your statement and get our present
                                                              Annual Member Benefit Statement / Employer Statement for 2013
                                                              06 Mar 2014
                                                              Annual Member Benefit Statement / Employer Statement for 2013
                                                              "Keep in Touch with BCT" - Member Information Update Lucky Draw Campaign - Phase 2 Lucky Draw Result
                                                              09 Jan 2014
                                                              "Keep in Touch with BCT" - Member Information Update Lucky Draw Campaign - Phase 2 Lucky Draw Result