What are Tax Deductible Voluntary Contributions (TVC)?

                                                              Tax Deductible Voluntary Contributions (TVC) is a new type of contributions under the MPF system. Contributions you make to the TVC account in each tax assessment year will be counted as a deductible item (up to the annual limit as stipulated by the HKSAR Government) when you report your taxable income. Contributions made to TVC accounts exceeding the tax deduction cap and other types of MPF voluntary contributions are not tax deductible.

                                                              The deduction cap for the tax assessment year of 2019/2020 is HK$60,000, which is an aggregate limit for both TVC and qualifying deferred annuity premiums. Based on the prevailing highest tax rate (i.e. 17%), the maximum tax savings can reach up to HK$10,200 every year!

                                                              All contributions in the TVC account, regardless of tax deductible or not, has to be preserved until the retirement age of 65 (unless exempted on other statutory grounds) before any withdrawal.


                                                              Key Features of TVC


                                                              How does TVC differ from other voluntary contributions?

                                                               Employee Voluntary Contributions (EEVC)Special Voluntary Contributions (SVC)Tax Deductible Voluntary Contributions (TVC)
                                                              Scheme Selection Chosen by employer Chosen by member
                                                              Payment Method Via employer payroll Directly contributed by member to MPF scheme
                                                              Payment Flexibility According to the regular payroll schedule Can make regular or one off payment
                                                              Tax Deductible N/A Counted as a deductible item (up to the annual limit as stipulated by the Government)
                                                              Withdrawal Conditions Upon termination of employment According to own needs Same condition as MPF Mandatory Contributions

                                                              Eligibility for TVC

                                                              TVC is one of the efficient ways to save tax, while at the same time increasing your retirement savings. Any person who falls under any one of the following categories may open a TVC account:

                                                              • a current employee member of an MPF Scheme
                                                              • a current self-employed member of an MPF Scheme
                                                              • a current personal account holder of an MPF Scheme;
                                                              • a member of an MPF exempted ORSO scheme

                                                              Each eligible person can only have one TVC account under an MPF Scheme. You may at any time choose to transfer the accrued benefits derived from TVC in lump sum to another MPF Scheme that offer TVC. Transfers from TVC account to contribution account or personal account will not be accepted and you cannot request for partial transfer to any account.


                                                              How to enjoy the tax concession of TVC?

                                                              Your MPF trustee will provide a TVC summary within 40 days after the end of each tax assessment year, to facilitate you in filling in the relevant information on the tax return if TVC is made by you to the scheme during a year of assessment.

                                                              You are responsible for the application of tax deduction and keeping track of how the maximum tax deductible limit is fully utilized. Please note that the tax deductible limit is an aggregate limit for both TVC and qualifying deferred annuity premiums.


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