Important Notes

                                                              Online Security

                                                              How We Safeguard Your Data

                                                              Protected Environment

                                                              • Our customers' personal information is stored in a secured and monitored environment protected by a network firewall.


                                                              • To limit the access of your MPF account to only yourself, customers are required to login to the system via a unique
                                                                • Login ID, and
                                                                • Password / PIN (eight digits)


                                                              • We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to protect your data. This requires that you use an internet web browser that supports 128-bit encryption.
                                                              • When you login to our member information area, a secured connection between your computer and BCT's system will be established.
                                                              • Information traveling between your computer and our system is encrypted and protected from potential interception as it travels over the Internet.

                                                              Enjoy your visit to our website and the hassle-free online account services with peace of mind!

                                                              How You Can Help

                                                              You can also help further protect the privacy and security of your personal information.

                                                              Password Protection

                                                              To prevent unauthorised login, you can:

                                                              • change the default password
                                                              • change your password regularly via our website (after login to the member information area) or interactive voice response system (IVRS)
                                                              • use a password memorable to yourself only, but not easily guessed by others
                                                              • use a unique password for this login (never use the same user account number in other public services)
                                                              • keep your login ID and PIN private
                                                              • connect to your personal account in a properly secured and trusted workstation (e.g. virus free, with security updates and patches)
                                                              • log out your connection after use

                                                              Fraudulent Websites

                                                              It only takes a few simple steps to verify whether your computer is connected to our website:

                                                              • directly type in the portal site address of BCT ( as starting place (Please note that when processing "Account Login" via "Your Online Account" login box, the link will be redirected to
                                                              • check if there is a "Locked" padlock symbol on your internet web browsers with digital certificate registered for, and issued by a certificate authority

                                                              Enjoy your visit to our website and the hassle-free online account services with peace of mind!