Investment Planning Service

                                                              Investment Planning Service

                                                              Investment Planning Service


                                                              BCT’s Investment Planning Service helps you gain a better understanding of their investment goals and risk levels in order to make informed investment decisions. The financial planning service does not only cover MPF investments but also other fund ranges such as Collective Investment Scheme (CIS). Through one-on-one consultations, you can find the most suitable funds based on your investment goals.

                                                              Advantages of MPF funds include:

                                                              • Your investment are professionally managed by fund managers appointed by your MPF trustee
                                                              • Investing at lower costs comparatively due to the pooling effect of MPF funds from different MPF members to attain a larger portfolio of assets which can achieve cost-effectiveness in terms of scale.
                                                              Product features
                                                              • MPF portfolio advice
                                                              • Set investment strategies
                                                              • Reach the retirement goals
                                                              Scope of Service
                                                              • Investment planning service
                                                              • Advice of funds for consideration