How to administer your MPF plan

                                                              We are committed to provide quality services with positive customer experience. As such, we provide employers with the following for administering their MPF accounts.

                                                              ParticularsWebsite24-hour IVRSEmployer
                                                              Servicing Bank
                                                              Submit documents       Tick
                                                              Submit remittance statement and / or
                                                              make contribution payments*
                                                              Tick*     Tick
                                                              Handle enquiries Tick   Tick Tick
                                                              Check balances Tick Tick Tick  
                                                              Check contribution record
                                                              (contribution paid and not paid)
                                                              Tick Tick Tick  
                                                              Check employee record Tick   Tick  
                                                              Check fund prices Tick Tick Tick  
                                                              Obtain administrative forms Tick Tick Tick  
                                                              Obtain product / investor education
                                                              Tick Tick Tick  
                                                              Obtain information update form Tick Tick Tick  
                                                              Change PIN Tick Tick    
                                                              Obtain e-statement Tick      

                                                              * Making contribution payments via website by direct debit authorisation service (via a bank of your choice) or PPS.

                                                              #Servicing Banks include Chong Hing Bank, Dah Sing Bank, Fubon Bank, ICBC (Asia), OCBC Wing Hang, Public Bank (Hong Kong), Shanghai Commercial Bank and Wing Lung Bank

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