Tips for you

                                                          What is Employee Choice Arrangement (ECA)?

                                                          You can transfer the employee portion of your mandatory contribution held in your contribution account under current employment to a trustee and scheme of your own choice. You can carry out transfers in a lump sum once every calendar year. For the mandatory contributions accrued during employment or self-employment, you can transfer it in lump sum at any time.

                                                          I am going to change job, can I transfer my MPF assets from former employment to a personal account at BCT?

                                                          Yes, you can transfer your MPF assets from your former employment to BCT for account consolidation. Steps are easy, you can call our BCT hotline at 2298 9381, and a dedicated representative will guide you through the process.

                                                          How can I save more via my MPF account?

                                                          BCT offers Easy Gold Plan – a personal savings plan that you can make flexible contributions and withdrawal. There is no fixed contribution amount by regular contribution via direct debit or simply pay a lump sum at a time.

                                                          To learn more about our Easy Gold Plan, please call our hotline at 2298 9381

                                                          How can I know if my investment choice fits my retirement goal?

                                                          Before making any MPF investment choice, you should understand your risk tolerance level as it may change over time. Also, you should review your investment strategy periodically in alignment with your financial and retirement needs.

                                                          To learn more about your risk profile and your investment portfolio, please click here.