Retirement Planning
What type of investor are you?
Any investment involves risk and different investors are able to take on different amounts. Depending on your retirement goals, income, age and investing aggressiveness, you’ll fall into one of the following categories. Choose from the best option below
Assets and Liabilities
Net Asset
(Total asset - Total liability)
Negative HK$0 to 1 mn More than HK$1 mn to 3 mn More than HK$3 mn to 5 mn More than HK$5 mn to 10 mn More than HK $10 mn
Saving Ratio
(Saving amount / Monthly income)
0% > 0% - 5% > 5% - 10% > 10% - 15% > 15% - 20% > 20%
Investment Objective
Investment Experience
Risk Profiling Questionnaire
  1. How many years remain before your retirement?
  2. What is the percentage of your monthly saving in relation to your income (include salary and income from other sources)?
  3. The total of your liquid asset (e.g. bank deposits and Exchange Fund Bills and Notes) is about ____ time(s) of your monthly salary:
Your Risk Level is
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