Plan set up

                                                              It is easy to start up a plan with us.

                                                              Please call our Employer Hotline at 2298 9388 for details. Our representatives will also be glad to meet you in person to discuss your specific needs and to assist you to set up a plan with BCT.

                                                              Start Up Kit

                                                              Start Up Kit

                                                              You can download the start up kit to set up the plan.

                                                              Update Company Information

                                                              To keep you and your employees informed of the latest MPF related information and investment performance, please keep us updated of your company details including:

                                                              1. Company name
                                                              2. Correspondence address
                                                              3. E-mail address
                                                              4. Contact person and contact telephone number
                                                              5. Any other relevant information

                                                              You are also advised to change the authorised signer of your company resulting from staff movement.

                                                              What to Do

                                                              Step 1
                                                              Complete Form
                                                              Complete Form
                                                              Step 2

                                                              Send the original forms to us as soon as the information becomes effective.

                                                              If you are self-employed person, you can simply call our Member Hotline at 2298 9333 or visit any branch of our servicing banks. For details, please click here.