Intra Group Transfer

                                                              An employee may be transferred between employers due to a change in business ownership or transferred between associated companies

                                                              Employment with the existing employer can be recognized by the new employer as continuous service in determining his/her vesting entitlement to voluntary contribution or severance payment / long service payment under the Employment Ordinance

                                                              Both existing employer, the new employer and the concerned member will need to complete “Transfer of Accrued Benefits Upon Intra-group Transfer/Change of Business Ownership” [FORM: TPT]

                                                              Existing employer should report cessation of employment for the relevant employee(s) by completing “Employee Termination Notice” [FORM: ETN(ER)]

                                                              New employer will need to complete “Request for Fund Transfer Form (For Participating Employer)” [FORM: ABD (ER)]

                                                              If members are transferred from BCT to another service provider’s MPF scheme, FORM: ABD (ER) and FORM: TPT should be sent to the new trustee who will then contact BCT to make the necessary arrangements.

                                                              Member Enrollment Form is required if the intra-group transfer is within BCT