BCT Outperformed Competition and Won “Best-of-the-Best” Award in Mystery Caller Assessment Award 2019


                                                          BCT outperformed 60 contestants and won the "Best-of-the-Best" award in Mystery Caller Assessment Award 2019 organized by Hong Kong Call Centre Association ("HKCCA") and Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency. This is the 5th straight year that we have won this top award to highlight our outstanding customer service. Notably, we also received 2 awards in "Finance and Insurance" sector, the "Best-in-Class" award for 8 consecutive years and the "Gold" award for 9 consecutive years.

                                                          We adopt the customer-first strategy and put great emphasis on customer service on all fronts. Over the years, our contact centre professionals have consistently delivered a high level of service with a personal touch that fulfilled customers' needs. With the forthcoming service digitalization, we will continue to provide quality services to further enhance customer experience.

                                                          The Mystery Caller Assessment Award aims to assist participating customer service providers who provide the service over the phone or through on-line platforms to enhance their service level and refine the contact handling best practices. For details, please visit

                                                          BCT Extends Support to Climate Finance & Sustainable Investing Conference 2019


                                                          BCT values sustainability. To celebrate the 20th anniversary theme of"embracing a sustainable future" this year, we, as a diamond sponsor, joined forces with supporting organisations, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited and Financial Services Development Council to push forward green finance in the "Climate Finance & Sustainable Investing Conference 2019" co-organized by World Green Organisation ("WGO") and United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific on 17 and 18 October. 400 attendees from public and private businesses around the world joined the conference.

                                                          The conference featured a strong line-up of speakers. In the afternoon session of the first-day conference themed "Pension Fund, ESG Investing and Asset Management", our Managing Director & CEO, Ka Shi Lau, gave a presentation on ESG trends and challenges ahead in the pension sector and joined a panel discussion to share her views on ESG investing and managed risk exposure.

                                                          Over the years, we have been integrating ESG into our business to create more value for employees, customers and the society through various aspects. In June, we launched "WGO x BCT Paper Saving Pioneers" with WGO to raise environmental awareness, attracting overwhelming response.

                                                          BCT MPF Seminar 2019 - "Bring You Wealth and Health for a Sustainable Future"


                                                          To engage our members in retirement planning, BCT held the annual MPF Seminar recently themed " Bring You Wealth and Health for a Sustainable Future". It was well-received by members with over 330 participants attended the seminar.

                                                          Insightful discussion on China & Hong Kong market outlook and strategies was chaired by Mr. Michael Ha, Investment Director of BCT and was joined by two guest speakers, Mr. William Yuen, Associate Director, Asia Pacific - Asian Equities of Invesco and Ms. Amelia Wong, Fund Manager, Hong Kong Equities of Schroders. To match with the event theme, Dr. Roy Tsui, registered Chinse medicine practitioner, shared valuable Chinese medicine tips on diet and exercise. On the other hand, the chit chat session between Mr. Ho Ming Luk, star TV host, and Mr. Bob Lee, Chief Business Officer of BCT, examined the essence of retirement planning. All guests' sharing was useful and entertaining which participants had a lot to take back home.


                                                          Video highlight: Click here

                                                          BCT the First Winner of “Sustainable Business Award” for 3 Years from Financial Sector


                                                          BCT is the first financial institution that won the "Sustainable Business Award" for the third year and the "Sustainable Leadership Award 2019" by World Green Organisation, in recognition of our ongoing contributions in workplace quality, environmental protection, operational practice and community involvement.

                                                          Sustainability is our priority. To echo with the 20th anniversary theme of "Embracing a Sustainable Future" this year, we have made every effort and important strides to implement environmental, social and governance ("ESG") initiatives. Whilst sustainability is going mainstream, we endeavor to create more value for colleagues, customers, shareholders and the community.

                                                          Sustainable Business Award aims to raise local business' awareness of the importance of their contribution in ESG and recognise corporations that have put efforts and contributions in workplace quality, environmental protection, operation practice and community involvement. For details, please visit