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                                                              BCT Wins Multiple Awards in 2016 "The MPF Awards"

                                                              The 2016 MPF Awards, co-organized by MPF Ratings and Asia Asset Management, announced the final results on March 3. BCT’s MPF were named Gold Rated Scheme and Silver Rated Scheme, and in addition received 4 awards:

                                                              • 2016 Best New Innovator
                                                              • 2016 Good Governance award
                                                              • 2016 Best Use of Technology award
                                                              • 2016 Best Member Servicing award

                                                              BCT believes these awards are not only a testament to our long-standing commitment to servicing the local community with excellent retirement products and investment services, but also a recognition of its broad capabilities in fulfilling its duty and responsibility as an MPF provider.


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