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                                                              Calling for Good MPF Employers in 2020-21!

                                                              The 2020-21 Good MPF Employer Award, organized by the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority, is inviting applications now! 

                                                              To specially commend and give public recognition to employers that have made continuous efforts to further enhance the retirement protection of their employees, employers who fulfil the relevant requirements will be presented with one or both of the following SEPICAL awards:

                                                              - Good MPF Employer 5 Years+
                                                              - Best All-round MPF Employer

                                                              This year, the Award covers the period from 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021. Employers wishing to apply for the Award can simply submit an application online on the Good MPF Employer Award website by 30 June 2021.

                                                              Don't wait, apply now, and be a Good MPF Employer for 2020-21!

                                                              [MPF Webinar] Register Now! Learn How to Transform Your Health and Wealth

                                                              Q12021 webinar 480x320 E 2


                                                              Major countries continue to advance their stimulus efforts in reviving the economy. How will these fiscal and monetary supports, including low interest rate, impact the economic recovery and asset returns? How investors should strategise their investments? In BCT's webinar "Shaping up! Get your investment right" on 27 March 2021, financial experts will answer these questions by sharing their market analyses and tips for MPF asset allocation. To bring in new experience to the participants, we will also include a health and fitness session in this webinar. Register by 24 March 2021!


                                                              New contribution method PPS is now available for TVC

                                                              Open a TVC account and make contributions or transfer assets to BCT, you can enjoy as low as 0.75% management fee reduction. Learn more.

                                                              How to make contributions through PPS?

                                                              PPS registration / contributions
                                                              Please visit www.ppshk.com or call 18011 (register bill) / 18031 (pay bill)

                                                              BCT Merchant Code: BCT (MPF) Pro Choice:6289
                                                              BCT (MPF) Industry Choice: 6291

                                                              Bill Number
                                                              Existing Member: Enter 11-digit TVC participating plan number

                                                              New TVC eChannel Member: Enter 9-digit TVC eChannel application reference number

                                                              BCT Won MPF Ratings’ Gold Rated Scheme and Multiple Honours

                                                              BCT received multiple commendations from the MPF Ratings' 2021 MPF Awards. We are no stranger to these honours, as our master trust scheme "BCT (MPF) Pro Choice" has been among the Gold rated MPF schemes for 7 consecutive years, accompanied by the Best Administration award for 6 consecutive years:

                                                              • MPF Ratings – Gold (for 7 consecutive years)
                                                              • Best Administration (for 6 consecutive years)
                                                              • Best Member Servicing
                                                              • 10-year Consistent Performer – Mixed Asset (Dynamic)
                                                              • 5-year Consistent Performer – Mixed Asset (Dynamic)

                                                              Good MPF management is the linchpin of retirement planning for the Hong Kong working population. As your trusted MPF partner, the bedrock of BCT's success lies in our dedication to delivering best-in-class MPF services. We will continue to innovate and offer products and solutions that bolster people's retirement confidence and financial resilience.

                                                              MPF Ratings is an independent pension research provider in Hong Kong. For more details of the ratings and the award programme, please visit: https://www.mpfratings.com.hk/ratings-and-awards/

                                                              Remarks: The above awards are for reference only, with the sole purpose of corporate communications. Investment involves risks. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.