What's New

                                                              BCT Wins "The Best of MPF Integrated ePlatform" Award

                                                              BCT has won another prestigious award, "The Best of MPF Integrated ePlatform" under the category "e-Life" in the "e-brand awards 2014" by e-zone magazine. This award recognised BCT's efforts it put in online services and interactive information platform.

                                                              BCT's ePlatform covers dedicated employer and member websites, mobile app, Retirement Rainbow (investor education website) and social media. Members are able to work on MPF arrangements via this convenient and reliable platform. In this way, the platform can raise the public's awareness on MPF and encourage them to plan for their retirement early.

                                                              "e-brand awards" was founded in 2007. The theme of this year is "Internet of Thing". Same as the past years, the awards were elected by the general public and professional accreditation in order to enhance equitability and representation of the awards.