What's New

                                                              Update on member enrollment forms

                                                              The clause under the part of "Authorisation, Declaration and Consent" which authorises employer, banks and trustees, etc to disclose information to BCT in circumstances necessary has been deleted from the member enrollment forms below to align with our new practices. If you are using the previous version of the forms, you may delete the clause in manuscript by crossing it out (and initialing the deletion).

                                                              • BCT (MPF) Pro Choice - Member Enrollment Form (Ver.16a-042015) and Personal Account Member Application Form (Ver.15a-042015)
                                                              • BCT (MPF) Industry Choice - Member Enrollment Form (Ver.15a-042015), Personal Account Member (Ver.15a-042015) and Causal Employee Application Form (Ver.12a-042015)

                                                              For existing members, please rest assured that we will not abuse the authorisation given under the clause and will only make use of it as a matter of necessity in discharge of our roles and duties as trustee.