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                                                              BCT Wins Multiple Mystery Caller Assessment Awards and APCCAL Recognition of Excellence Award

                                                              BCT was once again named "Best of the Best" at the Mystery Caller Assessment Awards 2015 organized by Hong Kong Call Centre Association ("HKCCA") and implemented by Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency ("HKQAA"). In addition, BCT won the "Best-in-class" accolade in the "Finance and Insurance" category (for the fourth consecutive year) and the Gold Award in the same category (for the fifth consecutive year).

                                                              Mystery callers of HKQAA evaluated the service quality of participating customer service hotlines from a customer’s perspective for six consecutive months. After three rounds of assessments, BCT received the highest score among 35 participants as the “Best of the Best” winner, and was consequently nominated to receive the regional Asia Pacific Contact Centre Association Leaders ("APCCAL") Recognition of Excellence Award in Singapore for the first time.

                                                              These awards testify to BCT’s premier customer services and professionalism. Riding on the concerted effort of the team, BCT will continue to uphold service standards and go “Heart to Heart, Hand in Hand” with customers.