What's New

                                                              BCT Launches Brand-New Interactive Website Helps Members Reach Retirement Goals

                                                              BCT Group (BCT) is pleased to announce the launch of its brand-new website (http://www.bcthk.com) to enhance user experience and help members plan for their retirement investments through upgraded retirement planning tools.

                                                              BCT said it sees an increased role of online platforms and mobile applications for members to browse for information, perform transactions and manage MPF accounts. Hence, the new website is designed to adjust automatically to the user's device, allowing for optimal viewing across various devices including smartphones, laptops and desktop computers.

                                                              In addition, the "Retirement Calculator" and "Risk Assessment" have been updated to help users better understand their financial needs. In particular, the upgraded "Retirement Calculator" generates an individualized Retirement Wealth Plan based on users' information about their current financial situation and future plans. The tool estimates how many years their retirement nest egg will last and encourages them to plan early for retirement. It also uses the latest statistics of Hong Kong to ensure it represents actual conditions.

                                                              Ms. Ka Shi Lau, Managing Director and CEO of BCT said, "BCT's core competencies lie in our ability to provide a seamless customer experience, innovative technology and online platforms. Building customer connectivity is a strong drive for BCT, supported by our focus on engaging members through digital and interactive platforms to stress the importance to manage their MPF accounts, which in turn contributes to the quality of their retirement lives."