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                                                              Ready to Score GOALS for You – Update on Fund Platform for BCT (MPF) Pro Choice

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                                                              BCT unveils an updated fund platform for "BCT (MPF) Pro Choice" ("the Plan") with certain restructuring and changes of investment policies, effective from 23 April 2018. It extends the multi-manager approach BCT has adopted since MPF's inception, and further harnesses the strengths of different investment managers. It is just like strategically placing the right players in the right positions in a football match so that the team can perform at its best.

                                                              WHAT are the changes?

                                                              The changes of the Plan involve 11 constituent funds*, which include:

                                                              1. Simplify Fund Choices
                                                              2. Restructure Constituent Funds
                                                              3. Appoint Amundi Hong Kong Limited as the investment manager of the restructured constituent funds
                                                              4. Reduce management fees of the restructured constituent funds

                                                              Benefits and Reasons for the Restructuring

                                                              1. Extension of the adoption of the multi-manager approach
                                                              2. Benefits of asset allocation
                                                              3. Benefits of areas of specialization of investment delegates
                                                              4. Ease with which investment delegates can be replaced
                                                              5. Better economies of scale hence reduce the management fees of the restructured constituent funds

                                                              We believe the move will bring the best interests to the members of the Plan, and create value for their retirement!

                                                              To Learn More

                                                              3 seminars will be held for participating employers and members of the Plan to help them understand more about the changes. Interested parties please register here (For members of the Plan only):

                                                              2018 March 17 (Saturday) 2:00pm Cordis Hong Kong
                                                              The Ballroom, Level 7, 555 Shanghai Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong
                                                              2018 March 22 (Thursday) 7:00pm BCT Group Office
                                                              18/F Cosco Tower, 183 Queen’s Road Central , Hong Kong
                                                              2018 April 12 (Thursday) 7:00pm Cliftons Hong Kong
                                                              Rooms 508 - 520, Level 5, Hutchison House, 10 Harcourt Road, Central, Hong Kong

                                                              * The 11 constituent funds include BCT (Pro) China and Hong Kong Equity Fund, BCT (Pro) Hong Kong Equity Fund, BCT (Pro) Asian Equity Fund, BCT (Pro) European Equity Fund, BCT (Pro) Global Equity Fund, BCT (Pro) International Equity Fund, BCT (Pro) E90 Mixed Asset Fund, BCT (Pro) E70 Mixed Asset Fund, BCT (Pro) E50 Mixed Asset Fund, BCT (Pro) E30 Mixed Asset Fund, BCT (Pro) Global Bond Fund.