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                                                              BCT Next Academy Promotes Lifelong Learning for a Decade


                                                              This year marks the 10th anniversary of BCT Next Academy (formerly known as BCT Third Age Academy). Over the years, we offer tuition fee discounts and subsidies to eligible persons enrolling in the courses offered by the Elder Academy of the Open University of Hong Kong ("OUHK"). In July, 120 students received Lifelong Learning Certificates at the 9th graduation ceremony of the Elder Academy of OUHK. As of the school term ended in May 2019, we sponsored 5,986 student enrolments to help them make a first step towards fun lifelong learning.

                                                              To encourage Hong Kong's working adults to upgrade themselves through learning, BCT Next Academy also collaborates with Li Ka Shing Institute of Professional and Continuing Education of OUHK and offers tuition fee sponsorships for selected persons. For details, please click here.