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                                                              Mobile Phone Number & Email Address are Essential for the Full Implementation of “Two-factor Authentication”

                                                              To offer a safer and more reliable online platform for you to manage MPF account, we have launched Two-factor Authentication ("2FA") for BCT's ePlatforms earlier this year. This measure will be fully implemented from 8 October 2019. If you have not provided BCT with a valid local mobile phone number or email address by then, you will not be able to log into your member account.

                                                              We provide two options to enable 2FA: (1) one-time password via SMS / email, or (2) use of biometric factor such as fingerprints or facial recognition. When you register for biometric factor, you also need to receive the one-time password via SMS / email. Therefore, please provide a valid local mobile phone number or an email address to BCT to avoid any inconvenience when logging into your account in the future.

                                                              How to update / provide mobile phone number and email address?

                                                              Member Website
                                                              After login, please update / provide your information in "Personal Information Maintenance" page under "My BCT".
                                                              Click here to log in

                                                              Information Update Form (For Scheme Member)
                                                              Please post or fax the completed and signed form to BCT
                                                              Click here to download the form

                                                              For the functions and features of 2FA, please watch the '3 Minutes Guide on "Two-factor Authentication" Usage' short video or visit BCT website for more information.