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                                                              BCT won “Financial Education Champion" for 2 Consecutive Years


                                                              BCT won the "Financial Education Champion" organized by the Investor and Financial Education Council ("IFEC") for 2 consecutive years to highlight our efforts in delivering financial education to our customers as well as the public.

                                                              The IFEC is dedicated to improve financial literacy in Hong Kong, we share the same mission as they do and have won this award since its inception in 2018. We have been launching a wide variety of retirement planning education to help the public make well-informed financial decisions and improve their financial well-being. This year, with the introduction of tax-deductible voluntary contributions, we specially-tailored an integrated education programme to highlight its features and benefits.

                                                              The IFEC introduced the "Financial Education Champion" award to encourage and mobilize stakeholders across various sectors to help enhance financial education. For details, please visit https://www.ifec.org.hk/en/fls/fec/2019/introduction.html