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                                                              BCT iPortfolio Help You Make Informed Investment Decisions

                                                              BCT’s investment research team launched “BCT iPortfolio” as an asset allocation tool specially designed for MPF investors

                                                              Operation Principles

                                                              • Quantitative reference: Provide market risks and fund performance data over the past 8 years
                                                              • Qualitative reference: Keep track of market developments, review market views with our fund managers every quarter to reflect market changes of various types of assets
                                                              • Perform return optimization calculation with computer systems, to construct simulated global investment allocation portfolios with different risk levels

                                                              Asset Allocation in 3 Steps
                                                              1. Identify Your Investor Type – Before making any investment decisions, you can complete the risk assessment questionnaire and check your risk tolerance level, according to your retirement goal, income, age and risk appetite.

                                                              2. "BCT iPortfolio" Provides You with Investment Reference – Upon completing the risk assessment questionnaire, "BCT iPortfolio" will show model portfolios suited to investors of different risk levels, to help you make informed investment decisions.

                                                              3. Review Portfolio Regularly – Do the risk assessment questionnaire every year, or when you move to a different life stage, and adjust asset allocation as necessary. If you are a BCT member, you can log into your account and save the assessment result. The system will remind you to do the assessment every year automatically. This makes portfolio review and asset allocation more flexible and easier.

                                                              What Kind of Investor Are You?
                                                              We invited Popular host Ka Sin Chan to appear in a video with our Chief Business Officer, Bob, to share the investment patterns of some members and tips on choosing funds, click to watch video now.