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                                                              BCT Works with 2 Local Renowned Artists to Show “Performance Builds Trust”

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                                                              We launched a new branding campaign today themed "Performance Builds Trust" to highlight BCT's strength in bringing good fund performance. The video features 2 popular local artists, Louis Cheung and Kelly Cheung as runners, with BCT as a pacer to guide them through the race towards achieving your goals.

                                                              This year's branding campaign also carries the Hong Kong's first-ever online MPF simulation game, "BCT Alliance‧MPF Game" to promote investor education via BCT's eJourney.

                                                              The advertisement will run on various channels including Youtube, Facebook, online media, outdoor billboards, bus body and seatbacks and TV screens at selected office buildings, etc. Want to learn more? Please click here to watch the video or visit www.bcthk.com/mpf.